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Apr 8, 2012


Over the last few years, it is rare to find an anime with a truly well-developed story and no doubt Steins Gate is one of them, with its brilliant conventional story and quirky characters and a sci-fi thriller, anyone looking for anything but mainstream will love this.  

Storyline 9/10

The storyline has a very unusual pace but at the same time, works very well with how the story is played out.

In the beginning, the story brings the attention to the protagonist who is self-proclaimed, mad scientist (under the alias, Hyouin Kyouma) and his research of “future gadgets”. Slowly through the story, other main characters are introduced each showcasing their personality and experiences. Whilst it may seem like the story is slow, the importance of setting the relationship between the characters and the non-changing atmosphere of the anime is what helps to set the foundation of a fantastic sci-fi thriller that comes afterwards.

At first, it seemed like the adventures of a delusion mad scientist but suddenly the tone changes with each time his future gadgets succeeds its purpose.  The change is dramatic, no longer is it kids play, the more the story develops the more the protagonist dwell deeper into life and death situations. As the viewer, each seconds starts to count as you anticipate his next move and the revealing of how the story will end.

And to the end, the ending was more than I could ask. This is probably one of my favourite ending so far to date. Not only does the story close with what I hoped for but also with a little surprise.

Animation 8/10

The animation isn’t anything spectacular but it is well made. Although there is not much action in steins gate, the animation is definitely thought out so it flows well with the plot. From the opening animation to even the ending, each bit is designed carefully leaving an impression (big or small) on the viewer.

Sound 9/10

The soundtrack works really well with the plot and really helps the viewer get into the anime. It was easy to interpret the characters emotions at critical times as well as being able to feel the distress when situations become bad.  I absolutely love the opening and the ending, it instantly provided the tone of the anime; possibly the only opening and ending I still watch each episode.

Characters 9/10

One thing that definitely sets Steins Gate apart from other anime is the characters. They are all definitely unique perhaps the weirdest cast so far in terms of anime generics and stereotypes.  Each character have a very different feel and personality yet they all blend well probably due to the fact the most unique one is the protagonist himself. As for me, I felt that a lot of my curiosity went into the relationship development between the “mad scientist” and the other casts. Each time, I was astonished by how they interacted.  

Synopsis 9/10

Overall Steins Gate is a solid anime with well-developed characters and brilliant story plot. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the ending of the anime which in my opinion, I found so many animes lacked in. For anyone who is looking to be reminded of the nostalgic past of great sci-fi anime such as Ghost-in-the-shell and Akira. Whilst Steins Gate does have a distinctive mellow tone compared to it ancestors, it is definitely a noteworthy opponent.  

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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kiminosan01 Apr 12, 2012

@roriconfan That is true if you look at just the character development in the story however I felt that each character's background is developed well and fit really well with the overall plot of the story. To me, I think not just what happens in the anime but the little details inbetween that helps define the character is really important. Although it could be said that there hasn't been any dramatic change or some sort of enlightment for any character. The characters were at least solid which is what I felt made the anime more believable and enjoyable.

roriconfan Apr 10, 2012

I wouldn't call the characters developed if time resets in the end and nothing has happened.

Naga Apr 8, 2012

I meant ending* not review ;D

Naga Apr 8, 2012

Good review , we agree on review made me so happy. Our reviews are very simmilar actualy :D