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If you’re visiting my profile from one of my reviews, I just want to say that I understand the inconsistency in quality in my writing on anime-planet. The quality of my writing is a direct correlation on how much time I am willing to spend on it. As such, when I’m busy or dare I say lazy (often), my reviews come out lazy.  However, if you want me to polish a current review, or write one for another anime, I have no problem doing so. Just ask and say thank you! =D

I have found shows I love and adore from basically all genres of anime; anything from Mystery to Political Espionage to dare I say it, Magical Girl. On the flip side, it doesn’t matter what genre it’s from, if the anime is depressing I can almost guarantee you I won’t like it (I like Sothis’s “dropped” button addition). It is my belief that anime is a fun and relaxing brief escape from reality. If I want to be depressed, I’ll just read the news about the poor children in Haiti.

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Ezisha Oct 9, 2011

Your profile made me laugh, all the more reason to add you.



xxjacobxx3 May 19, 2011

(kimi ni todoke season 2)

Yeah, I can still enjoy watchilng anime for kids. Not as much though. Well... I guess now that I think about it... My taste in anime have never really changed. Its just that their availability and knowledge of them has. When I was younger, I didnt know they existed anywhere but cartoon network. Then... about 5 years later, as I have my own gaming built computer and have internet... I stumble across a huge collection at my cousins house... and then I realize how much anime there is, and one internet search was all it took to get me hooked.

And... Your lucky to have gfs. I cant even get a girl friend in order to see if they would like anime. lol Of course... its not like im actively searching for one... because most of 'em are dumb anyways with the same old boring set of values and I dont feel like wasting my time.

ThePatches Mar 10, 2011

Thanks for the comment on my Chrome Shelled Regios Review!

I'm happy that you appreciate what I wrote. I WANTED to like the show. I WANTED it to be better, and when the plot seemed to be moving forward (i.e. the end of the show), I got duly excited. I also hope that we get a second season, because I want to see where this whole thing is heading and I'll be damned if I read the light novels.

gogoco123 Feb 15, 2011

SPAM! even though i dont know you but SPAM! :P

xxjacobxx3 Feb 12, 2011

Hey, i read your profile:

inconsistency in reviews: Haha, dude i totally get that. Im the same way, however i think it is fine, because they are "community" reviews. Its for people to comment on in a relaxed mood, in a down to earth manner, rather than a lot of words, that when to gether, is just too much to take in and understand without taking a lot of time. Also, even if a review isnt perfect, you can still gain information from it. Some people dont seem to get that. For example: if you read a review of an idiot that likes an anime, then logically you may not like that anime. (get it?: you can still gain valuable information off of a not-perfect review.)

rats: you had pet rats? your picture... lol hallarious, and actually that rat looks cool. Can you tell me a little about owning a rat? Like do they bite you at first (are they a pain to cuddle with)? Can you train them to do simple things?  etc perhaps there are different kinds of rats that are better "pets". Are they easy to take care of (not much work involved: such as a bird.) Do they sleep, boringly, like hamsters and gerbals.

peace! also, im a gamer.