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Hey guys! My name is Austin. I am 19 from the U.S.. I live in Tenessee and have been born and raised in the south. I love making new friends, especially other otakus.If you would like to chat about anime or whatever feel free to add me on here or on skype. I would like to talk and get to know ya. 

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My anime life didnt really kick off hardcore untill this year. I have always been a fan of naruto ever since it came out when i was just a young lad. but really untill a few months ago it was the only one i followed. of course i had watched zoids and other cartoon network things when i was young but didnt really see them as anime untill now. Now though all i do in my lfe is go to college and watch anime. I also make an attempt at the competitive yugioh scene. i attend Notrheast State Community College in Blountville Tennessee. As of now i have a few favorites. I have a deep love for romance/romance action/mecha animes. Huge fan of the holy trinity (Clannad/Angel Beats/Kanon. Loved Code Geass, Guilty Crown, and Blast of Tempest. Feel free to talk to me anytime and we can discuss anime and give one another reccomendations. Beats!

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JohnWatchAnime says...

then this is the right place to be!

If you want you can also check out the forum, there are a lot of conversations and silly stuff about recently airing anime :)

Jun 12, 2014
JohnWatchAnime says...

Hello and welcome to Anime-Planet!

Enjoy your stay :)

Jun 7, 2014