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Sup, names Kidotaku <-- Been collecting anime forever >.< i take medication.

Im a art student with a background in Graphic arts and visual tech. My little brother got me hooked on ranma 1/2 manga, then the vhs was released... and i have never forgiven the bastard. I love to draw doodle airbrush paint pencil whatever when i can since i work in a sweat shop where they beat me with a wet noodle, i drop into the forums to post in the creative corner from time to time, but mostly i lay around in the fetal position watching anime.

oh.. i should mention im a convention junkie and a workoholic, youma con and anime central, and now as with ever hobby i have i got into airbrushing and do local grafitti projects, it has taken a huge part of my time up.. but i manage to watch anime whenever i can.

my life on anime bar, seriously dont know how much ive watched, updating it is daunting and since ive been doing the watching since 1993 i dont even remeber everything ive seen, fun tool to have :) some day when i enter a state of toal awareness ill remeber everything ive seen and update it acordingly.

i should add the hentai and get a few years added :P

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KatDJZ Apr 21, 2009

Happy Birthday! ^_^

sothis Apr 21, 2009

happy bday!!

kidotaku2003 Dec 27, 2008

i have broken 8000! video's watched!!!!!!!

Lolo Jul 21, 2008

Hey hun! How are you??? I am just loverly...starting to get more active on the site again so feel free to chat! 

love the avi btw...hee hee

-Cap'n Lolo 

chii Apr 21, 2008

Happy Birthday ^_^"