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Kamisama Dolls

Sep 30, 2011

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神様ドォルズ, Kamisama Dolls神様ドォルズ, Kamisama Dolls

I’ve just danced my last samba to the opening of Kamisama Dolls. As the saying goes, all mediocre things must come to an end–or at the very least, “To be next story.” Like other finales, some thoughts on the final episode before thoughts relating to the series.

Hi friends. Welcome to Kamisama Dolls, the show with incredibly conflicting moments. One minute there’ll be a cute little girl breaking dishes and in the next minute there’ll be a dozen bloody bodies strewn across the floor. Over thirteen episodes, the large cast of characters are fairly well-developed, but for no apparent reason as nothing happens. Nor is there any real conclusion to the show.

In E03 I finally got to see Utao wait tables. In E03 I finally got to see Utao wait tables.

There is a main storyline. Kyouhei Kuga leaves his village for the big city to escape his past. A past riddled with supernatural stuff, which he had somehow been a part of. That sounds pretty good, right? Also there’s the antagonist, Aki, also introduced in the first episode. He’s also from the village, an escaped convict and apparent psychopath. He has some sort of history with Kyouhei and most strikingly, controls a supernatural based robot thing. That sounds even more interesting, right? Well I sure thought so. However over the course of the 13 episodes the show seems to try its hardest to ignore these two main characters and their story.

Nothing wrong with the show’s animation, music or any production values. The show had a slightly retro look and feel, even down to the muted colors. The opening song, while certainly catchy and Brazilian, confused me on a weekly basis. They could have done something more befitting a Japanese folk-song, similar to the sounds the robots or kakashi make throughout the show.

The main kakashi, Kukuri.The main kakashi, Kukuri.

Again, it’s the story and the execution that’s the problem in my mind. Regardless of the source material, if the anime had stayed with the main thread of Aki, Kyouhei & Utao, and the conflict of village vs. city, the show could have been 100 times better. The introduction of all the other robot users, or Seki, took mounds of time away from the more important characters.

I actually enjoyed many of the characters, but there wasn’t that much of a need for them to ever be there. Moyako is a good example. A girl from the village, who is from the family of kakashi repairmen, is a nice level-headed character with a couple nice moments, but unfortunately, she’s not very important to the story. Many of these characters were well-written, but out-of-place overall and ended up sucking the life out of the story.

Koshirio, Kirio, Moyako--Glorified extras.Koshirio, Kirio, Moyako--Glorified extras.

In addition to character-overkill, the other problem I had with the show, were all the holes in the plot. Or perhaps, lack of common sense to the plot.  Without naming specific incidents, it always felt like they were making up some of the story as they went along, while paying very little attention to the things that had happened previously. For example a character will tell others, that they can’t do A, because B will happen, and B is bad. But A happens over and over without B. The biggest hole, in my mind (I can name it specifically, because I already have), is that no one tries to catch the person we’re told is the reason why we even know the characters we’re being introduced to on a weekly basis show after show! Believe me, there’s a reason that sentence doesn’t make any sense!

Lighter fan service moments shown in Kamisama Dolls.Lighter fan service moments shown in Kamisama Dolls.

I have to be honest and say that I wouldn’t recommend Kamisama Dolls. There’s probably a blu-ray coming out with additional material, but the 13 episodes were so-so at best. The show has comedy, action, supernatural things, robots, fan-service, some horror, giants boobs–pretty much everything. But it doesn’t do anything very well, except maybe giant boobs. I enjoyed some of the characters and lighter moments, but that was about it. The show had a great premise, and even after a few episodes, I felt like this series could have turned out swell. Along that line of thought, even if the show sounds (reads I guess more accurate) good to you, think twice about watching this.

The other “non-rating” theme that’s sort of evolved in these posts, is the “Did I ever, at any time watching this, want to drop it” scale. The answer to this, is yes. There were a couple of moments where I almost stopped watching. Without specifics, one such moment was a flashback episode about halfway through the series, and it’s god-awful. Seriously, as heavy as the back story (the entire reason for the series) seemed like it would be, it’s really just a jumbled coincidental mess. Overall, not the worst show I’ve ever seen, or even seen this Summer 2011 season, but forgettable nonetheless.

Thanks for the support!Thanks for the support!

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall

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kio3459 says...

yes sir... I completely agree with your review on Kamisama Dolls.  I felt like this anime could have been a whole lot better.  In the end, its a very forgettable anime.  None of the characters stood out to me and and the whole ending felt like a complete cop out.  Even if theres a 2nd season i really dont think i'll be able to watch it. 

When I looked it up on animeplanet and saw the rating I thought i found something cool but in the end it wasnt for me.  BTW, I felt the same way about the OP song.. I really liked the little insert songs for the Kamisama Dolls (weird but catchy), why not incoperate that into the OP?

Nov 22, 2011