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The names Alex.I hate to say pleased to meet you everytime i meet someone but still i say it so i dont offend nobody. Im 14 years old and still I sometimes act like Im 6 or 7.Im weird.But not that much. I desperately try to believe about me that im actually good at everything.Though thats not really true.I actually go with the flow,but sometimes,because of that,i say things i dont really mean.I have my own world.It has to be world that is.I sometimes find me far far away,in my perfect imagined world.Im always striving for perfection.I like my "ducks in a row".Im unrestrained.Nobody can stop me,my feelings,what i believe,what i think in.Im a very loving person,though i find it pretty hard to mingle and talk to people i dont really know. I am competent.I mean i guess...hope...wish.I am pretty accepting,that is until the things you say add up and i explode in anger.You dont want to see me angry.Its not that im a bully or something like that its just that im hysterical and i can throw some ugly words you wont like.The pure and shitty truth.I sometimes have my moments of wise words,when i dont really make sense.Im very interpretative of signals.I have a ton of energy.Im an obsessed anime fan.Dont ask because when I start I wont stop.I like giving a ton of details. Anime i saw/still see : death note ; naruto ; blood ; nana ; paradise kiss ; air ; gravitation ; elfen lied ; kaleido star ; vampire knight. Im having a Breaking Benjamin period,but I guess it will pass like the Fall Out Boy period [i still listen but not that excessively],The Used period,the Panic! at the disco period and many,many others. I like screaming,and jumping,and i some times do them at the same time without a reason. Sometimes I am kinda jealous and paranoid...having my small crises of paranoia. Im actually kinda selfish too,but not that much.I believe im warm and friendly,but unfortunately or not,thats just with friends.I have a thing for red haired boys,and a thing for green eyes. <3 them. I am stubborn.Very.But i dont like giving orders.Im not like that. I have energy.Im a hyper,hyper,hyper kid.So hyper I sometimes cant control myself. But thats about it.Im not really interesting.Im as common and normal as can be,though i hate that.Thats all.

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