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Jian is my name

Philippines my nation

N. Vizcaya my home

and Heaven my expectation

Hmmm, I like anime, all genre's, all types, if it's anime I'll at least give it a try.

I am a:



Anime Enthusiast

Coin Collector


I like:





Demotivational Posters

Random stuff about anime in my country:

Most people under 30 watch Naruto

Vernacular dubbed anime SUCK BIG TIME

Jocks or Nerds, they all watch anime

Cosplay became mainstream starting 2000 or so



My Star Raking

5* - This anime is nothing short of greatness. Should be obligatory viewing.

4 1/2* - I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this anime, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone.

4* - I really enjoyed this anime, and would recommend it to anyone interested in anime.

3 1/2* - I enjoyed this anime, I would recommend it most of the time(depends on the person).

3* - I enjoyed this anime, and would recommend it to fans of the genre

2 1/2* - This anime was decent enough, but I would rather have watched something else

2* - This anime had some good moments, but the poor parts have really stuck with me.

1 1/2* - This anime was not very good at all, I would recommend that people not watch it

1* - I dropped this anime, as it was wasting my time. Don't let it waste yours.

0.5 - Made me suicidal. It's amazing this was released for public viewing, if you plan to see it be sure to lock up all sharp objects before pressing play.Disclaimer:

I am not responsible for people who stare too hard at my avartar and get transported to a desert.

If this happens to you feel free to sue me.

That is, if you survive the giant bug.

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145 total

Manga ratings

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Rebos says...

Are you talking about The Irresponsible Captain Tylor the ova or the orginal series?


The OVA (10eps) continues after the longer TVseries (26eps)

Feb 1, 2009
Salahare says...

I think you might be better off looking to see if it's available for rent or for checkout at your local library, or just buying it. I asked my library to get the box set and they eventually did. :)

Jan 31, 2009
Providence says...

Sa Cainta ako~

Dec 8, 2008
Providence says...

Hm, hey, I'm Filipino too, also living in the Philippines~

P.S. Nice avatar and sig.

Dec 8, 2008
dokurochan says...

Those pictures on the forum are awsome! Thanks for telling about that forum :)

Nov 29, 2008