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hello, I am kennon sheer Most recently from Utah, originally from Lincoln and grew up there.

I enjoy my family,I love all dry weather , specially the summer and the heat.

High Tech has been a part of my life for the last 7 years and most recently primarily on the World Wide Web.

I seem to be drawn to technology and love all the high tech gadgets out there.

Things as they are, more and more people are seeking advice from people who have walked the walk and can teach others how to benefit from what they went through. I am here to help those that need help and will ask for help from other people when i need it.

I am a designer in the field of IT time management software.

check out my websites ,don't hesitate to interact here at Bookkeeper Nyc  Bookkeeping Nyc  Recesssed Lighting

I love to ask questions

I volunteer for valid causes that help the elderly.

Its great to be a part of this awesome venue and I am helpful.

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