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Height: 5'7"(171cm)
Weight: 143lb(60kg)
Haircolour: Black, wants highlights or RED or TECHNICOLOUR!! 8DD
Eyesight: bad-ish(-5.0)
Eye colour: Dark brown
Race:Chinese born hong kong, before 1997 reformation therefore I am British-Chinese
Cigarette: dont smoke... that often
Music: Rock, preferably japanese rock
Piercings: taking my time with negotiations
Shoes: Converse All Stars, Nike Airforce, sk8ter shoes, boots
Girl: "she's so cuute!~"/ short hair/ skirt wearer/ tsundere, or if all of the criteria are met
Favourite Plushie: Garfield, Snoopy
Religion:Part Buddhist (is that even a religion now?)
Favourite Characters: Senjougahara Hitagi(Bakemonogatari); Shizuku Sangou(Kampfer); Tainaka Ritsu(k-on!)
Food: eat almost anything except liver, and cooked blood, and crap
Drink:fruit juice with stroh maybe, or just fruit juice, and sprite, dont like coke
Goal: to live and work in JAPAN(even though i'm chinese)
Education: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS!! to achieve my goal
Book: Sun Tzu's Art of War
Anime: Ghost in the Shell
Anime Genre: Ultra Violence
Game: Warhammer 40k series
Sports: KENDO!!!
Character: often? cheery and somewhat hyperactive, but more reactive i continue conversations, dont really start them ^_^"
Interests:MOTORSPORT!! and prettymuch anything japanese, any vehicle with treads(caterpillar tracks) and (japanese)DELINQUENTS!!
Last:if you get to know me you'll find i'm full o' fun :3
Wish: If i had one wish i'd wish for 1million wishes if that doesnt work then i wish for all the knowledge in the universe.
or PERFECT MEMORISATION!! where everything i see/experience is memorized permanently forever or a wallet that will have an infinite amount of money in the currency of the country that you are in, it will also never be able to leave your side.

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