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Mar 15, 2014

This is my review, if you want to critics and comments, go ahead. I'm always ready to received critics and entries...


Story     3/10

     At first or should i say in the first arc, Bleach come in with fulls of surprises and excitement, such as it's unique story, it's character, and other features. But, after a long, long ,and long periodic time,Bleach loss their gloriness. All of those talent, creativity, it's wasted. The story is confuse itself to where it leads. There is too much fillers, and fanservices! It's really such a shame, the creator didn't know that Bleach is have a potential to rule the anime bussiness. But Tite Kubo didn't want to improve the potential of this anime. It's such a dissapointing....Many people dropped Bleach because of it's Story, including myself as well... 

Animation 9/10

    The Animation is totally a masterpiece...., i can't speak anymore. Thinking about a bad story have a very good animation like this one. The character is very well-produced and have a highquality of animation for a 300episodes+ . It's so wonderful, but still a shame. The best think in the animation section is it's character designs, and it's battle effect.

Sound 9/10

     When talking about sound quality in the anime called Bleach, i have to say "It's so wonderfull" , the sound effect team did an amazing job. The creator of the BGM is must having a hard time when they created the BGM. The seiyuu is doing a pretty well done job in his career. And the factor why i gave 9? Is the Ost! The openings and endings of Bleach is one of the most famous, great,and memorable in the history of anime. It's well-produced and awesome. (It makes me cry, thinking the story is so bad and awful)

Characters  3/10

      The characters section is the last criteria in this review..., the creator of Bleach is well-trained in the character designs, but not in the character development. Bleach has a typical characters development, and mostly all of the character that frequently hang out in the first arc its gone like a wind. And reappear again. And then dissapear again. There are too many characters in this anime, altough it's a 300+ episodes anime. A Character cannot came live and memorable if they appear just in a short-periodic of time. Also,there are characters that don't need to exist. But in my opinion, too much character is one of the factor that the characters in Bleach are not memorable, and not live. 

Overall  5.8/10

       At first, i can't imagine a good anime like this really deserves a 5. But, after made a hard decision in thinking the overall of this anime. With a heavy hearts, i give Bleach 5.8 Overall Point. It's such a waste of talent, such a shame! All those hard works in creating this anime is wasted. Besides, their succes on sound and animation. Bleach didn't recognize that his loss it's because it lack of story and character development. It's sad give an anime with such good looks in an overall like this. But, at the end,you like it or not it's depends on you (the readers of my reviews). It's fully recommended those who seeks adventure and love the shounen genres. 

       At the end, this is my review, thank you for reading my review. I'm always accept entries, go ahead if you want to critics and comments. Sorry if my english is bad, Goodbye and Anime4Life!

3/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
3/10 characters
5.8/10 overall
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