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Story: 2.5/10

The story it starts off with truly annoyed me. I thought I was gonna yell at the screen several times and I rolled my eyes quite a few times as well. The “explanation” we got for Tylor’s behaviour at the end did not make up for how it progressed. It could’ve been done a whooooole lot better if you ask me.

Then we go on to the side stories which i thought would be interesting. And while they were to some degree, some of them were really cliché and the one with the kid following Tylor just pissed me off to no end. I mean, he stood Yuriko up for some terrible reasons, like eating cake and drinking with hobos in the middle of the street. And while some reasons were good, like taking the kid to the doctor, it didn’t make me much less pissed at Tylor. He could’ve left from the doctor’s room when he brought the kid in, or at least when he heard the kid would be alright. And it ends with him showing up at midnight, right before Yuriko is about to leave and everything turns out great... But he was supposed to meet her at seven. He was five hours late! I think it should’ve ended with Yuriko kicking him in the balls and then just walked away.

The “red light” thing was pretty intruiging though.

And the final part was actaully pretty good; Yamamoto became a decent captain, if only for a little while, Wang finally made his move, we (kinda) find out who attacked the transports with the red light and magnetic waves and the Soyokaze met it’s end. I guess the main thing I would complain about here is that IT STOPPED MIDWAY! I mean what the hell? I plowed myself through all that just to see it end like this? I’m guessing there were no more source material, but i still think they should’ve done something different. I know most endings that stray away from the source material tend to suck, but i still prefer them to make some kind of ending.

Animation/Artwork/Visual Effects: 5.5/10

The animation is actually worse here. I thought it would be much better since that’s always been the case with the OVA continuations I've seen iirc. The character designs are much worse as well. Especially with Yuriko. I despise her new design. Although that may have something to do with the fact that I really liked the original look of the show. I can’t even recall any well animated scenes right now either.

Sound: 8/10

This has the same quality, even though the music sounds more “japanese” here than it did in the TV series. I mean, in the TV series there were more trumpet music and such and here it’s that kind of windpipe sound. I know it’s not a good explanation, but I can’t think of any better. Anyway, while I slightly prefer the “trumpet” sound, I don’t recall there being any horrid keyboard-only songs playing in the background. I’m thankful for that.

Characters: 3/10

Yuriko was lame here compared to the TV show. Tylor fortunately didn’t get much screen time. And when he did get some time, with the exception of the final two episodes where he did nothing wrong in my book, he (liked I stated before) pissed me off to no end. Even more than he did in the TV show.

Yamamoto was good here too, Dom was a bit stronger emtionally and mentally and even a bit wilder, which I liked, Harumi was basicly cut out of the show, the empress was as annoying as usual, Andersson got a kind of a nice backstory and the rest were the same.

Overall: 3.5/10

Just terrible. I mean overall I didn’t like the TV series, but this was much worse, in almost every way. The only things I liked here were the red light mystery, which they didn’t even see through, the fact that yamamoto was still good here and in serious parts he was even better here and that the sound was still great.

2.5/10 story
5.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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