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Story: 5/10

I wasn’t too sure about this one at first since I had started it several months ago and stopped watching it midway through the first episode. Although I couldn’t remember a thing from it. But when I started it this time I was highly impressed by it. The first episode, while not being THAT funny, paved in a good start. The coming episodes were quite often really funny and silly. But around episode 10 or so the show started trying on some melodrama and it was laaaame. It also started introducing harem aspects to the show, which were worse. And then the war part of the show started to become serious, and it wasn’t good at it. I gotta admit that I liked the final 4 episodes despite them being quite serious. I’m not sure why I liked them. I mean, the human side of the story got a pretty nice conlusion for a comedy series like this one, but there wasn’t one for the Raalgon side, which was kinda annoying. Hell, the Raalgon side hardly went anywhere, most of it was just spent on the empress being another harem member for Tylor (this is where the show took the biggest nose dive btw) and the “power struggle” was just lingered on. Nothing major really happened. The bomb was the biggest thing, and that wasn’t even dwelved upon any deeper by the Raalgons, it only gave grounds for the next episode and a reason for the empress to board the Soyokaze. Besides that we just got some mundane plans and evil smiles from Wang.

I’m sure some people will probably say that the serious parts aren’t meant to be taken seriously because it’s a parody, or something, but if that’s the intention I gotta say that they did a poor job with it.

Animation/Artwork/Visual Effects: 7.5/10

Actually, I thought it was really good. Especially considering it’s from 1993. I think the animation is better than plenty of shows from today. Most of the designs here aren’t impressive, but I still liked them.

Sound: 8/10

The voice actors did a great job here, even if the twins voices were way too “cutesy”. I also liked the sound a lot of the time, but there were some scenes here and there that was infected with too simple keyboard music that just sounded outdated and cheap.

I was especially impressed with the music in episode 23 (“The Longest Day In Space”) when Tylor and Dom was gonna fight and just flew past each other.

Characters: 4/10

Like with the story, I really liked Tylor in the beginning, being so irresponsible (duh), lazy, so motherfu***** lucky and even kinda sly. But later on in the show, while he was still lazy and lucky, he turned from irresponsible into plain stupid and selfish. And he started to appear as just dense, indecisive and overly kind, like the usual male harem lead that is.

Yamamoto on the other hand annoyed me a bit in the beginning because he was a bit whiny (I still found him funny though), but he grew on me more and more because while Tylor’s feats started to annoy me the longer the show progressed, Yamamoto’s feats, which are basicly the opposite of Tylor’s (responsible, caring & hardworking) started to appeal to me.

I liked Yuriko in the beginning because she tried to keep Tylor from being too irresponsible in humorous ways and I liked her a bit later on generally because I couldn’t take Tylor anymore and her attempts on “stopping” him just became something I prayed for so he wouldn’t make the show worse than it had already become. But after a bit more time she started to piss me off because of course she has to fall in love with him as well for some reason.

The empress was just bratty & bossy and was nearly always complaining, I never liked her. Dom was a bit too nice, but he wasn’t so bad. Harumi got the greatest development and I actually had no problem with her falling for Tylor because she actually seemed to have a reason for it. The doctor was good, though nothing special. I’m a little suprised the marines didn’t get on my nerves since they never got any development in the TV show and thus stayed the same throughout the series, but I liked them all the way. The navigator was a no-face and Kim stayed true to her character for the rest of the show, she was alright. The twins were too “cutesy”, but I had no real problem with them since they didn’t take up much screen time. The fighter pilot, while I liked him as a character, he didn’t get any development. I mean, why was he scared of women? And it seems he stopped being scared of women, but I would’ve liked to know how. Bah, we hardly even got see him in any fights. He trained the twins once and was in one fight iirc, that’s it.

I really liked the admirals though. I thought they were always funny when they were meant to be funny.

Wang was a terrible villain btw.

Overall: 5.5/10

Bottom line, they should have tried to keep it the same as it was in the beginning ~9 episodes throughout the show imo. That was definitely the top part of the show, and was generally really good. The final for or five episodes were actually decent, but the stuff in between were pure garbage.

5/10 story
7.8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.4/10 overall
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