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Story: 3.5/10

Well, I like the initial premise of this show. It's silly and fun. But now, what actually plays on that premise is just like half of the series. The other half is that godawful harem part, which I've noticed is actually most of it's fans favorite aspect of the show. As for me, I definitely prefer the previous, "premise" side of the series, which although is also cut into two pieces of it's own. And those pieces are the all humor and purely episodic part and the part with more serious character development. Unless it deals with the harem part of the show of course.

I do like basicly all the episodes that deal with the "premise" side of the series, but unfortunately there are very few of those in this season. Most episodes deal with the crappy harem side. Which, as I've already stated before, sucks!

So low score here.

Animation/Artwork/Visual Effects: 7/10

It's definitely a step up from the first season. And while it's not really necessary, it's always nicer to look at something if the appearance is a little better.

Something that pissed me off quite a bit here was the constant use of the "sparkles around a cute-looking character" scene which is probably the most clichéd scene in all of anime and one of the scenes I hate the most as well. A lot of people would probably say that they use it alot because it's a parody of harem shows, but this isn't even a parody anymore. It has developed into an actual harem series. And not a good one at that.

Anyway, nice A/A/VE, but nothing special.

Sound: 7/10

The voice actors does a good job. Nothing to complain about here. And I gotta say that I love Rie Kugimiya as one of her tsundere roles and that the unique voice of the narrater works really well.

The BGM has a kind of silly sound to it that works well with comedy scenes, but it definitely gets repetetive after a while. And while it works fine, it's still not even that good to begin with.

The OP/ED sucked imo.

Characters: 3.5/10

A lot of HnG!!'s fan probably think that this is the show's strength, but I highly disagree. I think that Klaus, Tama, Hayate, Nagi and Maria are funny, but only when they interact with each other. Outside of that they step out from parody and into the world of cliché. Although Wataru is alright from time to time. And I did like the other butlers, but they hardly even appeared in this season. They had a few seconds of screentime in the first episode and one of them appeared for another few seconds in a later episode, but that was it. And hell, Klaus only appeared in a very few scenes and Tama barely even got any time with the exception of the episode that focused on him. Most of the time was just wasted on Nishizawa (bleh) and Hinagiku (snore). A lot of time was even given to that useless and unfunny schoolgirl trio.

Overall: 5/10

If the comedy was what you liked from the first season, then stay away from this one. If you for some reason liked the "romance", then by all means, watch this.

But if you ask me, then I'd say to watch Shuffle if you want a decent harem, watch Toradora for light romantic comedy and watch Ouran High School host Club for a show that makes fun of harem romances, even though Ouran mainly makes fun of reverse harems/shoujo harems.

The only reason I didn't give it a lower score overall is because of the production.

3.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
3.5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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knightcj7 Apr 13, 2010

have to agree with this review, this season was a total let down, should of been called "hayate the cross dressing butler" instead of the combat butler, he ran around in drag more than combating anything