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Um... I'm pretty average, I guess?  (I wonder how many people start their bio's out like that lol)

I'm old now (22 D:) so this feels reallY awkward. If I was 15 again this would be no problem.

It's simple: I work at a job I hate to make a living; I hope to go to college before all my brain cells disappear; I watch anime for fun and to relax; I love my cats. :)


I like all types of anime, but I'm really weak for drama-filled ones lol. And girly ones, although I'm not all that girly :S

Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and DBZ will always be my tops.  I grew up with those.

Especially Pokemon.  It makes me very happy ^_^

Afterthoughts make up my life >XD

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shogun22 Apr 7, 2012

Hi there, just dropping by to say hello. ^^

shogun22 May 15, 2011

Hi there, missed ya.

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Oh 6 months? *hugs* Thats great news! ^_^

I'm doing great! ...still making time to watch a bit of anime before sleeping. lol

Its really nice to hear from you again. Hope to hear from you soon! ^_^

PS: I split my time between Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll. Do you have an account there too?

shogun22 May 8, 2011

Hi there! ^_^

How have you been?  Haven't heard from you in a while.

I hope you're doing well there.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

shogun22 Jan 6, 2011

Hey! Nice to hear from you again! Its been a long time. This may be a bit late, but Happy New Year! :D

I'm doing fine, a bit busy, but ok. :D  I guess you've been busy too lately huh?

I haven't seen Monster yet, but i'm planning to see it.  Let me know how it turns out, I've heard other people say its good.

On my end, i'm currently watching a silly comedy, Hayate no Gotoku, it was recommended to me by a buddy of mine from Crunchyroll.  So far so good (thats if you like silly comedies).  

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon. :)

shogun22 Dec 4, 2010

Hello there, hope you're doing ok.

I've been kinda busy too specially now that its December.

PS: Guess what, its your 2nd Anniversary here at Anime-Planet. :D