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JebBuck Oct 19, 2010

Oh- good call.. I should go figure out how to do that... 0.o

JebBuck Oct 18, 2010

Late replys are ok :)

I don't get any notifications, so I only see replys when I scroll down to check >_<

JebBuck Oct 17, 2010

Ah gosh, that's kinda sad. When I went off to college (this year is my first year) a lot of my close friends already went to this school. Though I do have a bad habit of getting my non-anime friends into anime, by finding the one show I know they will really like. (clannad works really well)

It's ok, if you let me go, I can talk forever.. haha

JebBuck Oct 16, 2010

Ah bummer! We can talk then if you would like!

My friends and I kinda just stopped caring what people thought. Heck, we even have videos up on youtube of our skits.

JebBuck Oct 15, 2010

Thanks :3

The first time ever, our group did Mai-Hime. I went as.. erm.. the brown.. haired.. guy..

For the first year we were competative, we did Sailor Moon, I was The prince form of Tuxedo mask.

Last year we did Fire Emblem, and I was Ike, due to my peers voting me to be.