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I Like Aria Because It Isn't Annoying

12 DEC

In episode four of Aria the Animation, a curious scene arose: Akari and Alice were talking, and Aika, becoming jealous, shouted, "Since when did you two become such good friends."

Now, in many anime that focus on the day-to-day lives of its character, this plot thread would have lasted the entire episode, ending in a tearful realization of how Aika and Akari care for each other.  It would have annoyed me to no end, because, really, it is neither original nor realistic.

In Aria, however, what happended was:

Akari: Whoa!  Aika looks like a painting!

Alice: She looks so cool!

Aika:  (flattered)  I think you've mistaken something.

And that is the end of that.  No drawn-out bullshit.  Akari and Aika's friendship is strong enough to withstand the arrival of another friend, and anyways, there's no reason why Aika can't become friends with Alice too.  I get the feeling that that is what Aria was trying to say, and a concise, pleasant manner.

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