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Now I'm Super Annoyed With Maho


Seriously, in episode 23, when she just leaves Koyuki to talk to Yoshito, she's being kind of rude.  I get the feeling that, seeing her from Koyuki's perspective all the wile, I've gotten an impression of her as being a better person than she actually is.  I think she does like Koyuki as a person, but I think she also likes fame and money, and that is why she continues to hang out with Yoshito, not because she genuinely likes him, because he is not charming at all, and she must have realized by now that he is a mean guy.  She's like the typical male indecisive harem lead: she wavers between the attractive, obvious choice, and the person she actually likes.  But her indecisiveness is really getting on my nerves; she continues to oscillate between being Yoshito's bitch and being nice to Koyuki, and she really needs to choose.  If she does end up going to Yoshito's stage that basically means she just isn't good enough for Koyuki.  And if that is truly that shallow, then good riddance to her, because I don't want Koyuki to continue to have to agonize over such an unworthy girl.

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