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the music the character profileing the randomosity (if thats considered a word) all of it lead to an amazsingly funny and good phych backgrounding it was a truly amazing anime the op and end theme songs were by the amazing artist  the students display teh basic phychological mental intability stages and only one displays teh positive mental state that keeps them all together and the anime on some sort of mental track.


the characters i dont want to bore u people with because u find out all the info u need on them in the anime including the phych profile they display repetedly in the anime. the characters are however exelently played out and should be treated just as any phych professer would perscribe them as medication and or treatment.


the backgrounds are contantly fresh and dark on the correct times when they should be and they get brighter and seem more vast and expansive while they are made to be cheery and a ray of hope. the only repetitive backgrounds are the classrooms and the homes which u dont see to often as the backgrounds contsantly screw u over with constant changes and the fact that even when in the classroom the blackboards words contantly are changing and go from normal class discussion type things to very abstact things like fairy tales and weird unneccisary information.


the animation is very well done and constantly expanding and changing with the tale being told. the ways in which the characters storys or ways in which they are speeking changes and distorts the original animation is a perfect blend and leads to great seen transitions and character reactions such as when Zetsubou Sensei goes into "despair mode" and the screen goes black then he shows up with differing light positioning poses in superbly briliant animation poses is priceless it just makes u want to scream "IM IN DESPAIR THE (insert topic here) HAS LEFT ME IN DESPAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL!!!!!!


all in all this is an exelent series so far for me i am going to postpone the rest for now but look forward to more reviews when i get the chance and please feel free to ask any questions u have on this review (fyi i know some of my spelling is off so dont criticize that please) anyways have a good one and please check out my deviant art at bluejule122, facebook at kaynepatrickspeirs, and youtube at kaynepatrickspeirs for anything that u may need ansered.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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