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Basically I am a total J-Freak; obsessed with Japanese culture.My mind is extremely intrigued by the beautiful things over there.Especially the beautiful language spoken; it's like music to my ears.Therefore I have taken an interest into studying all that I can about it.Hopefully to someday join my family over there and also translate.And YES, I also enjoy anime/manga, I especially love COSPLAYING!~Though my other true obsession has become Bento Boxes; so CUTE!~Mostly, however I waste away hours doing lots of "nerdy" things. Lulz.What's my poison Y/you ask? Mostly online mmorpg's (fantasy based).But I also enjoy playing table-top RPG's like D&D, as well as MagicTG.Aaaanyways...yeah. Those are my many life's passions. Asians, pixels, and everything "nerd". Lulzasaurusrex. ♥ (●>ω<●)

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