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I'm too lazy to write something 100% original here so I'm gonna use what I posted in the "Introduction" section of the forum and then I will add a few extra words.

Forum intro:

Okay... so... I suck at intros so I'm gonna do my best. Let's see what comes out.
Hi, I'm kawainu and I joined anime-planet on May 12 2010 but I only used the website to keep track of what I watched/wanted to watch. Now I have some extra free time so I decided to become a somewhat active user at the forums.
As u can see by simply looking at my avatar and signature, I love animals so it's only logical for me to love all animal-eared anime characters. I'm willing to watch any anime wich contains at least 1 animal-eared character even if the animation or the plot sucks.
As for anime genres, I love mecha (who doesnt like giant robots anyway? :P), fantasy (I allways loved RPGs so I guess that's where it comes from), mahou shoujo (I see it as a cute way of showing fantasy/magic elements without taking you back to the middle age with old guys crushing their heads with war hammers) and I also love comedy but I didn't put it on my profile since you are only allowed to select 3 favorite genres...
As for my top 10 anime, it's hard to pick only 10 and leave the others out of the list...
This is my current top 10 list (subject to change as I keep watching more anime)
1- Spice and wolf. Seriously. No other anime can possibly beat Spice and wolf.
2- Nanohaverse. I'm putting all three Nanoha seasons here but I think A's is the best.
3- Code geass. 2 seasons here and there will never be a mecha anime that can beat code geass.
4- Clannad. I didn't watch the second season yet but the first one was enough for me to realize it's the best anime of its genre.
5- Slayers. All seasons here. Awesome action/comedy ratio.
6- Baka to test to shoukanjuu. Best comedy I've ever seen.
7- Asura cryin'. All seasons here. Cool mecha action with magic elements and the most important thing: it has a real ending (not a cliffhanger like some anime out there).
8- .Hack. I'm putting all .Hack series here but I like .Hack/sign more than the others.
9- Chrno crusade. Cool story, lovable characters and a sad and yet not sooo sad ending.
10- Fate stay night. I'm putting the series as well as the movie here. The upcoming Fate zero is probably going to push this upwards in my top ten.

The intro ends here. If there is anything else I'm supposed to put in here just let me know.

Original content:
I've been watching anime since I was a kid (started with "samurai pizza cats";can't remember the original name) and never stopped. I had to rely on occasional anime airings on tv animation channels that mainly aired american animations aimed at kids (I know I was a kid back then but I still wanted something a little less childish) during my childhood.
Then, after watching some decent anime shows on cartoon network and fox kids, I got my broadband (which was a crappy 256 kb/s) and started downl... ehrm... "legally streaming" new shows (they were new to me but some of them had aired in japan 3 or 4 years ago). Thats when I really got into anime and became a real otaku.
Right now I don't have time to watch 30 episodes a week like I used to do but I'm still trying to finish some series I started long ago as well as trying to catch up with ongoing shows. You will probably note there are no shows marked as stalled on my list. That's because I don't know for how long I'm gonna stall a show when/if I do it and if I get back to it after a few days then there is no point in marking it as stalled. So I put all "watching" and "stalled" shows in the "Watching" list.
As for series I wont watch... well.. it's hard to say you won't watch something when you didn't even give it a chance so I try to at least watch a few episode before deciding to drop it; assuming there is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL reason to actually drop it.
Now it's time to complain about the background theme... seriously... we only got 4 available backgrounds? I'm getting tired of the simple and not very elaborated haruhi theme and the others are just terribly boring. Somebody on the graphics section make a new one please!
Oh btw, my real name is Marco Antonio and I'm currently struggling to finish my first indie computer game. I'm currently some sort of hikikomori who spends most of his free time in front of the computer (not necessarily watching anime; 80% of the time spent in front of the computer is used on my game) unless there is something good on TV (like "The big bang theory" or "Fringe") that forces me to leave the PC.

I think that's all. If I come up with something else to add, well... I probably won't add it since I'm too lazy make any changes to this intro :P

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Flipnotic says...

Since you watch so much anyway, probably a good idea to add you on msn. PM me your email address on the aeth forums.

Mar 29, 2012
eurydice says...

Yup I'm a huge fan of kill me baby. It's nice to see some else who likes the show. We should be friends ^_^

Feb 10, 2012
JerichoxBarrons says...

:P Fairy Tail is my favorite actually. And it does have some animal based characters ._. What a coincidence xDI have a top 2 list. I havent found good enough anime to make a full list yet :P 

Dec 13, 2011
Nicknames says...

Yeah. Even if the manga is really good, I'll feel to lazy to start reading it xD

and thx for your comment about the sig. Actually Tentoumushi made it for me and I just de-noised it to make it look better.

Nov 1, 2011
DeathlyForce says...

Thanks for your comment. It seems we like about the same openings then. :)

Oct 9, 2011