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wow.. gettin' so old... ^^;

Attend uni. Want to go to work in Japan in the near future, if things go well. *crosses fingers* Just need luck to get through when that time comes...

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Dawnshine Jan 7, 2008

I see, its ok to love food =O I also love it xD and luckily keep in shape by doing sports ;D

Hmmm~ I don't really like it here...but don't dislike it either ^^;; You see, I do feel like I don't really belong here, I mean, there aren't many ppl that understand my love for anime/games 'n stuff or admire the things in life that I admire or make me feel comfortable etc... but that would happen in most countries I suppose, so it's ok =P But on the other hand I'm very lucky to be healthy 'n have a future, partly 'cause I was born here...but you could say that for England too I guess xD Haha but it's been clear to me since a few years that I wouldn't mind moving to a foreign country in the future ^^

Oh and if you're talking about what's it like in Holland, it's not very different from Britain I think, so it's not very fascinating and there isn't anything about the Netherlands that I'm proud of, except maybe the fact that ppl are quite down to earth, but that's just something I made up while typing this xD Yep, it's boring here =P Since the technology is up to date and the internet speed is ok, I can live with it 'cause that's practically all I need XD

My social life isn't very interesting either xD(it's gettin' better, but I prefer to keep it relaxed 'n have enough time for myself), 'cause I'm too lazy, and if it's about partying: I kinda hate that. Sure, I like to hang out with fun ppl, but dancin' 'n drinkin'....ugh, no it's certainly not made for me and it doesn't fit my personality either since I'm shy at first 'n also too loyal, and perhaps too afraid, to actually do crazy things. 

Why do you dislike Britain that much? 

Dawnshine Dec 27, 2007

Hey! Sorry I took so long to comment back >_< things went a little fast the past few weeks =P 

Yeah I started doing karate, it's so awesome =D I'm usually lazy indeed, but when it's about sports or stuff I really like to do (gaming for example), I usually am enthousiastic and go all out xD

What about you? Do you have any stuff you really get excited about? =P (besides watching anime 'n reading manga xD)