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about me

hi anime-planet users!

I will tell you all about my anime life right here, and also stuff about me that you probably want to know. 

Name: Vivian

Where I Live: United States 

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese 

Age: 16

Favorite Color: Pink, Teal

Music I listen to: K-Pop, J-Pop, Pop, J-Rock, Rap, Dubstep, Trap, Alternative, Techno, Hardcore

I wuv so many artists and idols ehhh

Favorite Song atm: ClariS - CLICK (sooo catchy)


My first ever anime encounter was Naruto.

I took a long ass break on anime during 2011~2012 because of K-Pop. Now in 2014... I'm back bitches xD 

I'm currently watching: Nisekoi, Nagi no Asukara, Date A Live

I have a cat named Rojo.

I love mexican food. 

I can read and write in Spanish and speak Spanish a little bit.

Because of my love for mex food, I sometimes wish I was Mexican because I just love beans and rice sooo much..

I have copics which are my babies. So obsessed of copics these days.

I love green tea ice cream. 

I love yakisoba.

I can read some katakana and hiragana, and a few kanji.

I have a Miku Append Nendoroid. 

I like pocky (SOMETIMES)

I can read & write Korean, I just can't speak Korean. 

Though I'm Japanese, idk japanese.. ;-;

My parents were born in Peru and grew up there. This is because during WW2 many Japanese people living in Japan, mostly ones living in Okinawa were given the choice to move out of country to survive or to take the risk of staying in Okinawa where war was going on. My great great grandparents of both my mom's and dad's side of the family chose the smarter choice and began life in Peru, and til today many Japanese live in Peru. (There are many fans in Peru that love anime btw)

I'm not a gamer but I have a WiiU and 3DS XL(it's beautiful) but from lack of time/ laziness I barely play them.

Even though I'm not a gamer, I guess I would wanna be one because I would love to play online games and have steam and such and play LoL and stuff or those MMOs and RPGs but I have a mac and it doesn't have a lot of GBs left :(

Adding to wanting to be a gamer, I do want a PS4 and XBOX1 and PSP and XBOX360 and a PS3 but I don't have that quantity of money to get all that. My reason of getting both PS4 and XBOX1:

  1. Titanfall 
  2. Idolm@ster 

>:0 lawd

I wuv Psyduck. I love ducks in general.

Oh whopper ok ok about anime: 

I tend to like whatever now, mecha, ecchi yeahh. 

I judge books by cover when it comes to anime.

I love female characters more than males (depends if what genre though)

I tend to like lots of blondes, pig-tail, sleepy head types. 

I love kawaii ones the most though >o<
I have an extremely short attention span so I tend to stall... OTL

Uhhh idk what else to put.

About manga: 

I do like a lot of romance shoujo stuff.

I'm currently reading: Witchcraft Works (it's super funny)

My habit of stalling is worse for manga ;A; UNLESS it's a romance genre idk why they are so addicting

I read all my manga in an app called MangaReader.  

I do have manga books. 

When I was little I wanted to become a mangaka because of Kitchen Princess lawls

my life spent on anime

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