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So My name is Jordan! ^.^ 

I absolutely ADORE anime <33 

Lovin it since I was 12(: 

First anime- Black Butler <3 (: 

I LOVE Vampires, Demons, Witches, any kind of mythical or kind of futuristic. 

But People have to be careful whenever they recommend anime to me, I don't really care for medievel stuff or anything like that. I'm also picky in the futuristic, and in how it's drawn.

BUT if the anime is good, I don't really mind the drawings. (: (Or however you wanna word)

I'm pretty much open to any type of anime (Meaning Straight, Gay, lesbian) 

As long as it has an actual story line, I'm fine! c: 

Well, I've blabbered enough! xD 

Bye bye <3 

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chikoritaBH Nov 16, 2012

Welcome to Anime-Planet! :)