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The first anime I saw was Gall force in VHS :), when I was some 12 years old. As a little kid I watched on TV Sailor moon, Dragon ball, Figth kickers, Lupin, Ranma.

I like a lot comedies (Love Hina, DearS, Genshinken), sci-fi (Vandread, Akira) and action movies (GitS, Jin-Roh), sometimes fantasy (my wife's preference)

Drama is usually the very last thing I watch, due to most of them are very verrry boring and slow.

English dubbed animes are somewhat strange for me. The Japanese voice actors are putting far more effort to make a good job. I prefer Japanese language (even trough I understand only a few words) and english/german/hungarian subtitles.

I like to read mangas, play PC games and to go out for trekking.

Please feel free to recommend any good comedy/sci-fi/action for me.

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AirCommodore Nov 25, 2010

If your submissions are still floating around in the 'Character Submissions' section of the forum, you can correct your info in each's thread. Otherwise you'll have to redo them.

AirCommodore Nov 23, 2010


I'm a character moderator here. While we appreciate your submissions, many of them don't have the anime/manga the character is from, their relation (main/secondary/minor), or a correctly-sized photo, so we can't add them to the database which is a shame. :(

If you could look over the how-to thread ( http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/character-submissions/32058-how-add-edit-characters.html ) and submit characters in that fashion, we'd be happy to add them in!


Firenixzus Apr 21, 2009

Ohh BTW.. cute avatar.. I realy love cat girls. just like in UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrieand & Utawarerumono show ;D

Firenixzus Apr 21, 2009

PWell u have allmost seen all the good ones ; But theres still alot i can rec for u but that will take all day but heres a few. Then u can look me up agian ;P

Black Cat

Black Blood Brothers

Angel Tails

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Black Lagoon

Buso Renkin

Coyote Ragtime Show ( A most see when u have seen Cowboy bebo) ;P Truest me u'll like it ;P


Daphne in the Brilliant Blue

Well as i sayed before theres alot more.. Try go thu my watched list and u might find a few that u'll like but i just started recommend afew u havnt seen from the letter A-D

Firenixzus Apr 18, 2009

Welcome to A-P

Just ask me anything if u need help or if u need some good recommendations on what to watch next i'll be happy to give u a TON ;P.

Anyways.. Try to make ur profil so we can know more about u ;P it's allways nice to make friends there have the same interest :D