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silverdreams Jul 22, 2011

XD I think that's exactly where I put higurashi too. That and other stuff that involves lolis and tons of blood.

I'm just getting back into watching anime seriously so my list is pretty small. I think i'm doing pretty well though. I've already finished code geass and i'm making progress in Ouran. I actually ended up staying up until 2 in the morning on wedsnesday night because I decided that I needed commoners coffee while I was watching it to get the mood right. I still don't regret it though. XD

Chelsae Jul 21, 2011

Seriously? Were otakus really hated that much? Over here no one really knows or cares what anime is. They just believe it's cartoons and don't care whether people watch it.

And YAYY FOR A MIKU BAG! Sigh.. I need a new bag. I think my next one will either be a K-On! one, or.. well it depends. I'm going to the MCM Expo in Manchester next week, so if they sell anime bags there I may buy one. :D

And what? Are people there really that against crossdressing and twincest and stuff? D: I would hate that. I mean the twins are awesome! I love Tamaki, and I love Hunny! And I just love everyone! There all amazing! Random fact: a student maths teacher who used to teach our class looks EXACTLY like Kyoya. It was really scary. He also used to live in Japan... which is even more scary. He also watches anime and by this point we were just so freaked out. XD

And oh yeah. I stumbled across that account a while ago, but haven't bothered to search for it since. It's called EverythingWatched or something, isn't it?

But yeah. I'm slightly hyper.

Chelsae Jul 21, 2011

yeah... my teachers wanted me and a couple of other friends of mine to cosplay as there were like 6 different schools visiting our school, and they just wanted us to look the best :L There were also those ummm.. I have no idea what they call them! A few other of my friends dressed up as I HAVE NO IDEA. Well.. they dressed up in kimonos, painted their face white, etc. And someone else dressed up in a sari. It was a pretty awesome day. My friends cosplayed as Link from the Legend of Zelda and Orihime from Bleach. (One of my friends is obsessed with it. -.-) And my cosplay wasn't hard to do... if you buy it xD But I made the hairband myself, and I wear it to school everyday! I also have a Naruto bag which I only take in on Thursdays and Fridays.

And yeah, all of the anime on the site, isn't it about 2 years and 10 months or something? Well, more will be released, and it will just be like ARGH! But good luck! The never ending series will be annoying. :/

Also, yeah, Fruits Basket is a really good anime for beginners, although I think Ouran High School Host Club is better.. I got some of my friends into anime from it >:)

SORRY FOR THE LONG MESSAGE! I'm typing this before school, so I'm doing it really fast without thinking ><

Adorkable Jul 20, 2011

Thank you! (: I'll really reconsider on resuming it now.

Chelsae Jul 20, 2011

woah. I was pretty sure I replied.. but last night my computer froze in the middle of everything so I must not have sent it! :( If I HAVE sent it, I apologize ><

Umm.. Yeah, I got into anime from Pokemon and Avatar ^_^ I then told one of my friends that I was really enjoying "anime" <-- I specifically remember this as I had no experience whatsoever and called it "ANEEM", and yeah, she reccommended Bleach, which I actually don't like that much anymore, but yeah :P That's how I got into anime. :D

And aw! the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is awesome. I recently cosplayed as Haruhi at an East Asian Expo held by my school.. I was interviewed on the radio as well.. it was so embarrassing.

MY GOD! ALL THE ANIME ON THIS SITE?!! That's like.. impossible! o.O Wow. I really admire you.