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silverdreams Jul 25, 2011

Me neither. I like to pretend I can handle lots of blood and stuff, but I'm really just a wimp. XD

I kinda wish I had more anime DVDs but manga and games are streching my wallet as it is. So far I have The Full first season of Sister Princess, Final Fantasy: Advent Children and and few Studio Ghibli movies. Oh yeah. and the first four episodes of naruto shippuden, mainly because it was in the walmart $5 DVD bin.

I'm a couple hours north of Houston. I'm not sure what part of Texas they call that... east I guess. That sets me pretty close to Anime Matsuri and comic palooza, but I haven't been to either one. I'm a more than a bit nervous when it comes to large crowds and I'm pretty such my parents would be less than trilled to follow me around. I guess I'm pretty much doomed to being a hikikomori forever. XD

Chelsae Jul 24, 2011

hmm. Yeah, I've looked at some Japanese history like the Edo period and the Kamakura period since I did a project for Philosophy and Debating on different types of Japanese art, but I still prefer worldwide issues. I don't know.. maybe I just don't like to focus in on a certain country? :D

Oh! I've never heard When the First Love Ends, but I've heard Romeo and Cinderella. It's a really good song! My favourite is a one called Liar's World. I don't know if you've heard of it.. but I just love the song, even the video to it is beautiful. I also like "Dim" and obviously the popular ones like Ievan Polkka, World is Mine and Triple Baka. Oh! I also like the song Happy Synthesizer. It's such a happy song! I really want to learn the dance! (I'm actually not a person who is enthusiastic about dancing, it's just that most Japanese songs have really good, fun dances that are really good to learn with your friends!)

Yeah, Amazon.co.uk is where I buy all of my manga off, USUALLY. If I ever go to my nearest city, I buy them there, but most of the time I buy them online :D But Amazon.co.uk didn't have a keyblade.. :/ And woah. I'd be too scared to buy anything off the Japanese amazon. I've been on it, but I couldn't really understand it xD

And yay! MCM Expo! I'm really excited now! ><

Chelsae Jul 23, 2011

Yeah, I suppose your right.. And I actually have no idea about the football/world cup thing. I have absolute zero awareness on world issues today, I prefer to study past world issues like in the Cold War, the world wars, and Russia and Germany before WW2. (History nerd here xD)

And yeah, I'm sure there were a lot of songs, but I only really heard one and it was the one called "Pray For". It's such a good song >< Anyway, have I asked this before? I don't think I have, but what is your favourite Vocaloid song?

And yeah! About amazon.com, I really want to order a KeyBlade from there, but I'm not sure about ordering something from the american amazon. :/ And also, I actually haven't been able to buy anything like all year because I've been saving up so much. I had to save up for my trip to London, which I spent about £70 on anime and manga stuff anyway, and then I've been saving up for the MCM expo next week. ¬.¬

Chelsae Jul 22, 2011

aww !  :( My parents tried the use the excuse of Pearl Harbour against me as well, but I just lectured them about the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I also told them how we constantly tested atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs in the Pacfic Ocean near Asia and some Asian fisherman were caught in them. ¬.¬

and what?! The earthquake and tsunami was a good thing?!! That's terrible!! D: They must really be uneducated if they think that! :(  Hey, did you hear that song someone made using vocaloid for Japan at the time of the earthquake and tsunami? It's a pretty good song! ><

And thanks! I may take you up on that offer! I do know a few websites but not a lot. My favourite being the english site, Tokyo Toys which only takes a day or two to deliver, which is much better than waiting a few weeks!

And ooh! I wish I had a physics teacher as cool as that..! Well.. my physics teacher is still pretty cool, but not anime wise! xD In our last lesson this year, he made us play pass the parcel! It was hillarious! :D

silverdreams Jul 22, 2011

I caught one of you comments on chelsae's page (hope you don't mind). You're from Texas too? You're the second person that's been from Texas without me knowing it....it's a kinda creepy coencidence.  XD