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hinatameerkat Jul 31, 2011

I see you've watched 81 animes while I've seen but only 31... then again my time amount of anime is more which means you've seen just the beginning of a lot of animes, while I actually finished them :D *epic pose*

Chelsae Jul 31, 2011

Thanks! ^_^ MCM was awesome! I'm definitely going to the London one in May next year!

And wooooah. I would never survive. And next month!?! That's terrible!! I'm so glad I live in Cumbria where it rains a lot! :) I actually like rain, probably not when I'm outside in it, but I prefer it to sunny weather.

A-Kon sounds amazing!! I'm definitely going to go sometime in the foreseeable future.. ! But probably not until I leave school or I'm in university..!

Ah! You should watch the second season, you probably shouldn't watch all of the endless eight like me, but just watch a few and skip through the rest! I think that's what a lot of people do! :D

hinatameerkat Jul 29, 2011

Hahahaha! I've seen more anime than you XD jk We both know this ain't a competision pal :D

Chelsae Jul 28, 2011

is it really that hot?! :O Wow. i would die. I hate temperatures over in England and it's seriously not that hot. But I've never been abroad before so I have no idea what it's like compared to here .. :P

And yeah! Ever since you've mentioned A-Kon I've heard so much about it on the internet! I really want to go! :'(  I'm going to beg my parents, hopefully one of them will be nice enough to come with me to Texas? xD I seriously doubt they would.

I AM a bit worried about it ending up on youtube but I suppose if lots of us do it, it won't be a problem. I'm a bit on the shy side.. But awh! I hated the second season of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! I suppose it did suit the anime, but the endless eight NEARLY KILLED ME. But I did make it through them! I didn't skip any of them! I'm quite proud of that fact ;)

Anyway! The next time I talk to you will probably be on Saturday night or sometime on Sunday! :D MCM!! I am very excited. ^_^

Chelsae Jul 26, 2011

I would love to come to A-Kon! But I've never even been abroad and if I did, I don't think my parents would go to Texas, they'd probably like to go some place cliché like Spain or something. I don't think they'd let me go on my own either :( Since I'm the youngest of my family, they're protective of me, and I'm basically an airhead so I wouldn't trust me either.. :P

What do you mean, to get Hatsune Miku to it? Like the live concerts or... ? :/

And awh! I love the Hare Hare Yukai dance! :D My friends forced me to do it in front of the judges at the carnival in June D: We're also going to do it at MCM, we're hoping to get a massive Hare Hare Yukai going! :D And I also love Caramelldansen as well! *starts dancing to it*