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Chelsae Aug 5, 2011

Woah. I actually wouldn't survive watching it. It would actually kill me. Actually Doraemon would kill me. Sazae-san would send me to the pits of hell. ¬.¬ But saying that, other series like Vampire Knight, and all the shoujo-ai ones would torture me also. I just couldn't do it. I have no willpower whatsoever. ;) So I'll just stick to series that I like to watch! :)

And hmm.. I guess I've been encouraged to dress up all my life? There's a carnival in my town where lots of people dress up and I've been in it practically every year so maybe it's come from that? :D

Anyway! I won't be seeing any of you guys on anime planet.. well that's obvious since we live on completely seperate continents, what I mean is that I won't be online for a week since I'm going on holiday.. *cries* I have packed a lot of anime and manga though. ;)

silverdreams Aug 3, 2011

I can't keep a solid plan for watching anime very long. I wanted to clean up my stalled pile, but then I found out about all the episodes that funimation put up fo their summer of streaming thing. So I figured I would get some of those done while I still had the oportunity to watch them in such high quality.

I don't mess around with internet shopping myself. I prefer bookshops more, maybe it's because i'm so impatient.

Thankfully most of my friends give me back my stuff.....most of them. One of them still has the first Haruhi Suzumiya novel and an ace attorney game that I lent her more than a year ago. And to make matters worse I don't think she's finished either of them.XD

Chelsae Aug 3, 2011

I know! It sucks! D:

And yeah, Doraemon is very long, (it was my New Year's Resolution to watch all of it.. it failed) but I still think anime like One Piece and stuff are very long. With anime like doraemon though, I could only find like 600 episodes of it online.. so I just decided to give up. And I much prefer the Doraemon manga.

Aww really?! I love to cosplay! It's just so fun! And when other people are cosplaying it's just so awesome and interesting!


Chelsae Aug 2, 2011

Hmm.. I suppose it's not too far in the future, but it still seems like forever!

But seriously?! You watch like everything even related to it?! How would you cope with the Gundam series?!! There's LOOOOAAAADS of them!! But I love the Gundam series ^^ They're actually one of my favourite things about anime.. if that makes sense xD And with stuff like One Piece and Naruto! They'll also take you while! o.O

AND YAY!! The expos here probably aren't as good as conventions in America like A-Kon but I still really enjoyed it, especially since it was my first one. :D

Hmm.. I'm trying to choose who to cosplay as next.. I'm thinking either Japan from Hetalia, Soul from Soul Eater, Allen from D.Gray-Man or Oz from Pandora Hearts, but there's so many to choose from!! And I asked my parents if they'd buy me a cosplay for Christmas since I don't really have any consoles or anything that I want this year and they said maybe :P But I need one before Christmas since I'm going to organise a cosplay meet up in my area, and also for Tokyopop Recon that is held in my local waterstones. :D

silverdreams Aug 1, 2011

Wow. I don't think I have enough patinence to try and watch ALL of them. and there's some things that I just won't watch. Mainly the hentai and the yuri though.

I'm running out of rom on my manga shelf, which is not very big. But we're moving to another house so hopefully i'll get more shelves. Though one of my friends is borrowing about half of my manga right now so I don't have to worry about that right now.

I just turned 17. So I guess I won't need anybody to go with me in a year or so. XD I don't think I could see my parents cosplaying. Though I am trying to make one right now. I'm kinda procrasstinating on the subject, like I do with a lot of things.