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Chelsae Aug 25, 2011

Uhh.. for some reason I just hate Baccano and Durarara, and I have no idea why!! I just can't get into them! I watched Baccano around Christmas time last year and actually hated it, however I wanted to watch Durarara in the hopes that it would be better, and also there was a chance that one of the English voice actors would be at Manchester MCM, but I got two or three episodes into it and just couldn't bear it anymore. But I still want to continue it which is why it's in my watching list just so that I don't change it to dropped.

And I'm the same! My friends that don't watch anime are like, how can you sit for so long? And I just do, it's natural for me now. However last week I think I was pushing it because I watched 43 episodes of one anime and that was a bit.. crazy for me XD But with anime planet -  I agree. Well, Anime Planet was the first site I ever used, however recently I got an account on My Anime List and I just don't like it as much as this site. I find this easier to navigate around and it seems to be a lot friendlier ^_^

Is it your birthday coming up soon?  Happy Birthday for whenever that is... if I don't reply to you on that day anyway !

When I say watched or completed, it usually means I've watched the maximum number of episodes out at the moment, like at the moment there's 511 and I've watched all 511.. I usually don't bother with OVAs or movies unless I'm really into a series like I was with Naruto and with the Gundam series as well. Although my friend recommended that I watch the 10th movie of One Piece... Apparently it's really good, so I shall be watching it quite soon.

Wow! 5 sets?! :O There are no anime stores where I live.. partly because I live in the middle of nowhere, and the only place I can find manga is in waterstones. Since they don't specialise in manga they don't have that much of it available. :(

And I would have a third party but one, I don't know anyone close enough in a foreign country, and two, I have yet to get a bank account of my own so my dad orders all of my stuff and he would definitely be reluctant to send something to a different address.. so I guess I'm stuck like this :(

Uhh.. I used to be a massive fan of Bleach but now it just seems way overrated, and I just don't find it to be as enjoyable as other anime and manga. And I agree. The last arc was terrible and I stopped reading it for a bit because it was that bad. But I'm reading it again now and uh.. I still don't like it that much. xD

Chelsae Aug 24, 2011

Usually watch everything in one sitting?! o.O  What about longer shows that are like fifty episodes?! With anime that are like 12-26 episodes long I usually do watch them in one go, but longer series need at least two days!! And I used anime planet to remember which episode I'm on..

Oh! Sorry for the late reply.. I've just been watching One Piece constantly, and haven't done anything else... at all. Well.. I was forced to go walking with my friends yesterday... and to go to someone's house today, but otherwise I've just been watching One Piece. And I finally finished it yesterday!! YAY! :D

And ahh.. I love people who take too many photos.. At Manchester MCM, I was too busy going OMG LOOK AT THAT!! To take any photos, and only took some photos as we were leaving.. :( So I had to look through hundreds of photos that people had taken just to find the ones of me and my friends.. xD

And I would definitely go to Japan if I could.. :(

WHAT?!!!!!! T-t-THE FRUITS BASKET VOLUMES FROM AMAZON?! :O That's not fair. They're like out of stock on amazon.co.uk.. I think it has something to do with Tokyopop closing down in America..? But it definitely hasn't over here because we're still having Tokyopop Recons... :'(  I really want to collect Fruits Basket as well. I've changed it to my favourite manga since recently Loveless (my previous favourite) has only been 7 pages, and Bakuman, which was probably in joint place, is reeeeeeallllly boring recently. It's just annoying.

silverdreams Aug 24, 2011

Well apparently the trade is getting more even. I just found out that she started Ouran, I'm pleasently surprised. Though she does think she's gone insane, but she'll get over that...eventually. XD

I wouldn't have sich a big problem finding something something for her if she would watch the popular ones. She doesn't like Naruto, won't touch One Piece, is avoiding Bleach for some reason, and won't watch inuyasha because her mom has something against it for some reason. .... but Death Note strikes me as something she might actually watch come to think of it.

Woo, k-on! and I slightly remember reading the first chapter of gunslinger girl. I don't really remember much about it though.

silverdreams Aug 15, 2011

Sorry bout the late reply. Explanation is in one of my latest blog post things.

^_^" Yeaahhh. You stick with you're stuff i'll stick with mine. Sounds like a good arangement. XDD

Arrgg. I've gotten distracted from my list again. *sigh* Guess it can't be helped. I am making good progress though. And it's having a good time that counts. My manga list is becoming really messy as well.

AND to make things worse I am being instructed in the way of the star wars geek by one of my newest friends and shes given me tons of books to read. I'm trying to get her into some anime but i've only succeeded in making her totally obsessed with hetalia. The main problem being that she avoids any bishounen like the plaugue and almost all the anime I watch (shoujo or otherwise) have guys that don't come up to her level of manlyness. Which gets a little frustrating. XD

Chelsae Aug 13, 2011

Yeah.. I'm the same. I watch a lot of anime as well. My record is 32 episodes a day.. I think that's what it was. And I only achieved that recently! xD

On the way back from holiday I listened to the Doraemon opening !! :D I love that song. Sorry that was random. I also listened to other music like "Mr Simple" and other anime soundtracks and stuff! :P

I still think you should dress up. *mean face* It's honestly really fun.

Hmm.. I'm not one for holidays actually. I prefer to stay at home on the computer but my ideal holiday would of course be in Japan. :D I would like to go to Denmark also since one of my old friends lives there. Ordering anime and manga is a good thing!! I can't wait to order some!! ><

But after this, I'm buying another cosplay outfit.. Probably anyway. Me and my friends are going to cosplay as the Ouran HSHC characters. I'm going to be Hunny apparently even though I think Nekozawa would be more fun. But I have a personality more like Hunny since I like to eat cake and obsess over cute things. xD