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Greetings and welcome to my profile.

Grew up with a love for science fiction and fantasy, which eventually led me to anime. I tend to prefer thought-provoking shows with dark and tragic elements. Shows with elements a bit left of centre or slightly odd tend to catch my attention.

Favourite Bands/Music:

Classical/Progressive Metal: Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Karnivool, Twelve Foot Ninja, Iced Earth, Cog, SoilWork, The Haunted, Paco Pena, Paco De Lucia, Dream Theater, Tool

Favourite Books/Authors:

Kushiel's Legacy, The Black Jewels Trilogy, Jacqueline Carey, Anne Bishop

Favourite Movies:

The Matrix Trilogy, Star Wars Trilogy

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Sidonia says...

ok, so first things first: I'm really really sorry I answer so late. I kinda overlooked your post. xD


I usually search for amvs on www.animemusicvideos.org/. Downloading there is a pain in the ass but the videos there have the best quality you can get. The channel you sent seems interesting. I will check it out once I feel more like watching amvs.

My current favorite is Beast Within. It's amazing how this was done with Mangascans only or maybe I like it because I love the manga so much...

Anyway, I'm about to finish my second amv and I could use some feedback. If you feel interested I will upload a beta version to YT. The anime is End of Evangelion.

Jul 17, 2011
Sidonia says...

I think Whispers in the dark is the worst out of the three. It's still awesome though. And yes metal and Claymore Amvs like each other. Dead End by In Flames would fit it perfectly. I'm surprised nobody has done that one yet. Maybe I should try it...

btw, do you know Nostromo? His Amvs are godlike.


Jul 4, 2011
samekh says...

I've tried watching Tiger & Bunny on ANN to support Siren but I don't like how they stream. I'm loving it so far so I'm definitely considering buying Tiger & Bunny. Siren are a much better company then Madman so I wanna give them all the support I can.

Haven't got around to seeing Karnivool yet but they're a local band so they play alot of shows in my area.

Apr 19, 2011
samekh says...

Hey man thanks for the welcome.

Star Driver is an anime I enjoyed alot. It's not the best but I found it incredibly entertaining. Good to find a fellow fan!

I see that you're an Australian like me. Karnivool is pretty awesome, what do you think of Birds of Tokyo? Have you seen them play live before?

Apr 17, 2011
chii says...

it's best just to try and block it out. people will always add the s and it's slightly better to keep your sanity intact that way :P

and yeah i suppose that almost a year is good :|

Mar 20, 2011