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Rea (Sankarea) - Vector Art

24 APR

Last week I started this before Finals came upon me. Every now and then in between studying I worked on it.  Hard to gauge how long it took because of that, but the line work definitely took way longer than the coloring, not sure why.  At least 4 hours on the line work, and an hour and a half on coloring. Half an hour on touch-ups. Done in Adobe Photoshop CS2.  (I need to start trying this in Illustrator where it's supposed to be done)

Original - Screenshot from Episode 3 (1280x720)

Black and White Vector - 1920x1080 PNG (here for JPEG version/with black background)

Colored Vector - 1920x1080 PNG (here for JPEG version/with black background)

The trend is continuing :)

I currently have Eru (Hyouka) and Kuuko (Haiyore!) as screenshots awaiting to be worked on; having trouble finding a good one of Funko (Upotte!), Snow Black (Accel World), and Yuuko (Amnesia).

Possible others include Naru (E7AO), Jonah (Jormungand), Shiranui (Medaka Box), Medaka (Medaka Box), Sentarou (Sakamichi), and maybe, MAYBE, Haru (Tsuritama). Yeah, I know some are guys, because not all these shows have [great] female leads. (Don't bring up Jormungand).

Now back to studying. :)

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default avatar jimmydexo
May 13, 2012

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8MangaMan avatar 8MangaMan
Apr 27, 2012

Lol, you still using photoshop even though u got illustrator?  Well, not sure it would come out any better considering this is amazing!

puriful avatar puriful
Apr 24, 2012

Wow. This is pretty cool ^^

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