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Tsumiki (Acchi Kocchi) - Vector Art

16 APR

Third vector. This time I used a lot more gradients instead of flat colors. Still took me about 6 hours. My goal is to get shatner to like one of my vectors one day (considering he does'nt like most). :p  Done in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Original - Screenshot from Episode 2 (1280x720)

Black and White Vector - 1920x1080 PNG (here for JPEG version)

Colored Vector - 1920x1080 PNG (here for JPEG version)

Seems I'm slowly making the female leads from this season. :)

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tsumiki avatar tsumiki
Aug 6, 2013

AHHHH!!! That's so cute!! Haha I love her soo much... But I bet you could already see that haha, thats really good! :)

8MangaMan avatar 8MangaMan
Apr 16, 2012

Slowly making the female leads?  I assume Funko's next? :)

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