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Hot Blooded Woman

Jul 9, 2010

This manhwa (basically a Korean manga) was very twisty, and sometimes agonizongly slow at parts, but when you are (finally) finished, you look back and realize that you've learned something new.

The main characters are typical, in my opinion. There's Haji Kang, which in Korean (this manhwa's original languange), basically equates to "dog". As a child, Haji was a weak little girl. Her brothers constantly bullied her with their fighting skills they learned during lessons. She ran to her friend Te Hu Kang, who calls her a "dog". (Attractive boy there.. -.-) Haji becomes enraged and swears never to be a weak, lost little "dog" anymore. She trained rigorously everyday, and grew up to what seems like a "monster" girl: a eating, fighting, swearing machine.

Haji has a hot blooded personality. She is loud, bossy, overly strong, boyish, and annoying. Her stomach is a bottomless pit, and she isn't afraid to show it in public. She also happens to be the head of a gang (Doberman gang) that represents her school. (Haji's location is surrounded by schools with their own gangs, beating other gangs up for fame and recognition.) Haji enjoys fighting very much, and her sub-jjang (sub-head boss) is Hanseo Jang (your average shoujo ego-maniac).

Fate makes her somehow switch bodies, and Haji becomes Aram Han, a weak, but beautiful rich girl. After this, she meets Sin Uo Park, who seems to a regular guy.. but is actually the son of a corporation's chairman. Not to mention, he is undeniably strong.

Haji, in Aram's body, challenges Sin Uo Park, who promptly and bluntly declines. Well, there's just too much in the story to tell.. the rest is literally a roller coaster, and I'm sure if you enjoy a rom/com/action manhwa, you will enjoy this manhwa very much!

7/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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