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Jul 9, 2010

Now this anime is endearingly painful, in my opinion. No no, it was charming, but painful near the end because the concluding episodes switched an innocent storyline into heart clenching reality, yet not reality.

It's very difficult to explain, being only a young teen.

I was instantly cold towards Hideki, the male protagonist in the story at the beginning, because he had such an 'adultish' mind...

However, of course this changed, when I saw how devoted he slowly became to Chii, an innocent, cute, and in the beginning, literally air-headed persocom with no knowledge of anything in this world.

I loved watching Hideki and Chii grow closer together, and exploring the world of persocoms, which at the moment in our decade, seems too far in our technology to reach. It was fascinating to see the deep happiness and pains that could be caused by a human-shaped, intelligent robot. I loved the storyline so much as well, because as I was sucked in by the charm of the overall experience, I knew that the story was slowly moving forward with such an admirable, stable pace.

This anime does have its share of ecchiness. I actually feel uncomfortable watching an anime with ecchi in it, but the story was just too innocent for me to stop watching. I am still confused as to how the writers found the perfect blend between charm, comedy, and ecchi.

 I have absolutely no complaints! If you enjoy a cute romance with a bit of drama in it (which was intelligently placed near the end when the audience is writhing with their love for the characters ^w^), just drop everything and watch this anime! :)

9.8/10 story
9.7/10 animation
9.6/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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kaoriblaza Jul 14, 2010

Thank you, chihinoke22!

I will research more about companies behind the animes I watch in the future and make connections...

This is something I did not try before, I guess :P

chihinoke22 Jul 13, 2010

Love the review, but you seem to know absolutely nothing about CLAMP. No offense, but you should suspect this kind of cutesy dramatic romance in all there stories, and the reason they have so much in one story is because CLAMP is actually more than one story writers and artist all in one company to create some of the best animes and manga of all time. I'm actually doing my best to watch and/ or read every single one of there series, but its kind of hard considering all the others out there and the fact that they keep on writing new stories doesn't help at all!