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I am trying to find a way to define myself and show what defines me as a person, but the harder I try I still fail to make a picture of my personality. What I can do is to talk about my passions and hope you are as passion about things like I am. Just like a spoiled kid I chase all kinds of things. So eventually I found anime and for some strange reason I got stuck with watching them. It's strange I like anime but manga annoys me. Maybe I like anime since they make me remember about my childhood or I can still be a little kid that has the whole world open.

About my anime-planet profile I don’t have any special way of rating animes, I go with what I feel in that moment so don’t judge me. If you are uncertain about my ratting go ahead and ask me. Also I don’t have a special gender of anime even if my best friend would say different.

I hope I didn’t bore you to death and have a nice day!

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craniu Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year !  ✌(◕‿-)✌ (I'm not a bot)

WinterSnowfall Sep 22, 2013

Nii-san, vezi ca poti selecta mai nou si de cate ori te-ai uitat la un anime (stiu ca ai revazut unele serii de mai multe ori)... poate asa se mai reduce diferenta dintre noi ;)

WinterSnowfall Feb 12, 2013

Shounen, comment ca va? Are you still alive?

dgmikep Dec 24, 2012

Craciun Fericit =^___^=

WinterSnowfall May 14, 2012


De fapt sunt doua luni si aproape o saptamana. Lasa ca pana la pensie ma ajungi tu din urma ;). O sa o las mai moale probabil dupa 30 de ani...