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Continuation of favorites:

#6 - Zero no Tsukaima

#7 - Shakugan no Shana

#8 - ef - A Tale of Memories/Melodies

#9 - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

#10 - Seikai no Monshou/Senki

#11 - Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

#12 - Clannad

#13 - Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch

#14 - Seto no Hanayome

#15 - Aria the Origination


Since always: PHYSICS and unification of 4 forces problem :D

Sci-fi of all kinds :)

Fav author and novel: Isaac Asimov - Foundation series

Fav TV series: Stargate

Since 2007-10-27 my love starts: Anime :D

New adventure:

My first Anime was Green Green :D

I am lucky (or should I say cursed...) to have 2 sources of Anime...

Oh well, well.... recently I've get to know more and more about Otaku here in Poland and Anime industry but still in my region I can't see any sings of popularity... ehh

What should I say more... hmm

Oh yes, since october '07 I study technical physics on:

AGH - University of Science and Technology

It's became really busy and I've lots of new stuff to study... Because of this I don't have enough time to watch my favorite Anime :( Well it is good since I've pretty much watched everything my sources have to offer... But still... there are many series on my want to watch list so I'll never give up!

UPDATE my hard drive is full!!! and no time at all to watch... what should I do... life is so unfair...

PS I'm waiting for you... Shana III.... When they finally announce green light for you... Another one to look forward to: Hatsukoi Limited

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Cfos Dec 16, 2008

Yoyo^^, I told u that my next comment will be, when I finish the missing ep. of Yozakura Quartet, and now... I'm finished:P

In the beginning it was kinda...slow, imo the WAS development, but it was just..too slow. Later this fact doesn't change:(, but the anime go better. They are working more towards the FINAL goal, and there aren't these "side-ep-fights" anymore, I RLY like this change;).

BUUUUUUTTTT, I think this show will stop ar ep. 12/13, cuz the development as well as the preview, everything is working in THAT direction:P^^

Anyway...I changed my opinion bout this show...though it's still not THAAAAT amazing (u know what I mean>.<).

Btw, I RLY fell in luv with the OP^^

Waiting for your answer:P

Cfos Dec 12, 2008

HOLY SHIT, how could I forget chaos;head!!!!!!!The last ep. were just awesome, the rly complicated story is starting to make sense, and though there are many new mysteries, u can understand this show a lot better, rly came to like it.

Kannagi...hmm I think there's nothing more I could say, it was exactly as u said!

Then there was Akane-iro:O:O u were ABSOLUTELY right, 9 ep. missed development, packed into 20 min., I think that would be a good descrption of this ep. Judging from the development, I think there will be 2 or 3 more ep and then EEENDDDD^^

Yozakura Quartet^^ sry but I'm some ep late^^ but I'll watch them this weekend, so I'll tell u later how I like it:P

Then, ef!!! EPIC MASTERPIECE!!!!!!, the end of the ep. rly got into my heart and I NEARLY!!! let some tears out (just nearly, I was able to hold it:P), black/white, if u ask me a nice idea!!, and then this kind of development, though it was obvious, still, veryyyy sad, I rly look forward to the next ep.:D

Well then...unfortunately (I know, it's friday:O:O) I didn't watch Clannad or Toradora yet, so there will be a new comment tomorrow or on sunday...^^:P

Cfos Dec 9, 2008

:O:O it's been a while since I last wrote u a comment, I see, it's time for a new one;)

Well then... I started to watch the Kyou no go no ne ep. I missed (I only watched till 2:O:O) and I RLY liked it, a very unique show with quite some fun^^

Then there was a new ef ep., I think I don't have to say anything, epic as always!!!^^ and some nie development.

Clannad was one hell of an ep. too, I RLY liked it and it's developing in a nice direction, RLY look forward to the next ep.!!!

Toradora was nice too, though I liked the recent ep. more, still...some RLY good comedy^^

Hmm...Akane iro, I missed some ep., which I watched this weekend, and it seems, l ike FINALLY soem development is going to take place (I RLY hope so), except that, there was no real change, imo...

Hmm...Index, unfortunately a filler (though it wasn't too bad:P, still, a filler is a filler) and I start to miss the first episodes...:(:(

I'm sure I forgot some shows, but I'm in a hurry (somehow^^) so I'll leave it at that.

Looking forward to your answer (and maybe even the shows I forgot^^)...

Cfos Dec 1, 2008

(My comment didn't get send again:(:(...)

Well, ef... I saw it... and I have to say... SRYYYY, I don't think this ep. was that sad, of there was one hell of an IMPAAACCTTT, but well...^^ First of all, the old style I missed was back, *yay*, and that Yuko went back to her oniisan, was rly saaad, indeed, but that sad...SRY>.<

Then there was... Toradora... indeed an epic ep., in the end there was even some development between Kushieda and Takasu, *yaaaay*^^ rly looking forward to the next ep.

BUUUUT, imo, the show of the week was Clannad (well... didn't see Index or Kannagi yet^^). I heard long before Clannad started, that this season is supposed to be pretty sad, and now... THE SADNESS IS SPREADING *TAIIIHEEEN desu*. Well... I think we all know what will happen:(:(,still I RLYYYY look forward to the next ep.^^

Cfos Nov 27, 2008

Now my monster comment, once again, hope it'll work this time (V2 probably won't be as long as V1^^, sry)

Let's start with ef, one amazing ep, though like u said the impact from ep. 6 probably can't be surpassed, still, this ep. contained MUCH development and it's getting MOAR and MOAR interesting, I only got one negative point, I miss the old style from season 1 (u know, the talks under the sky, things like that). I liked that aspect but season 2 is getting farther and farther away from it:(, still, AMAZING show;)

Then there was Toradora, banzai, I looked at the spoiler BEFORE I watched^^ and well...this ep was obviously the best one till now, this anime is falling more and more into my fav genre^^. Though I didn't thought so in the beginning, Toradora is DEFENITELY one of the best on-goings this fall^^.

Now... Clanand^^, after the last "filler" ep, this one was just:O:O (Tomoya banzai^^). I don't think I need to say anything, it was simply:O:O:O GREAT continuation from the last ep.;)

Akane-iro...yeah, u're right (still didn't watch ep.8^^), there is just no development and it seems the story is "standing":( (I thought this show would be good in the beginning, well... unfortunately that's not the matter...).

:O Kannagi, the last 2 ep. were just:O, in the beginning I didn't thought it would be THAT funny, rly^^ (oh...it's a sony, my fav lineXD), they rly did a great job, start to like this show moar and moar!!!!!

Welll, I hope this time the comment will show up^^ and await your answer;)