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Continuation of favorites:

#6 - Zero no Tsukaima

#7 - Shakugan no Shana

#8 - ef - A Tale of Memories/Melodies

#9 - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

#10 - Seikai no Monshou/Senki

#11 - Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

#12 - Clannad

#13 - Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch

#14 - Seto no Hanayome

#15 - Aria the Origination


Since always: PHYSICS and unification of 4 forces problem :D

Sci-fi of all kinds :)

Fav author and novel: Isaac Asimov - Foundation series

Fav TV series: Stargate

Since 2007-10-27 my love starts: Anime :D

New adventure:

My first Anime was Green Green :D

I am lucky (or should I say cursed...) to have 2 sources of Anime...

Oh well, well.... recently I've get to know more and more about Otaku here in Poland and Anime industry but still in my region I can't see any sings of popularity... ehh

What should I say more... hmm

Oh yes, since october '07 I study technical physics on:

AGH - University of Science and Technology

It's became really busy and I've lots of new stuff to study... Because of this I don't have enough time to watch my favorite Anime :( Well it is good since I've pretty much watched everything my sources have to offer... But still... there are many series on my want to watch list so I'll never give up!

UPDATE my hard drive is full!!! and no time at all to watch... what should I do... life is so unfair...

PS I'm waiting for you... Shana III.... When they finally announce green light for you... Another one to look forward to: Hatsukoi Limited

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Cfos Jan 12, 2009

Asu no Yoichi!...after your statement and the recommendation of a friend of mine I finally decided to watch the first ep., and I have to say u're right with the standard ecchi moments and things like that, BUT as u said...I rly like the protagonist...he's not the usual kind of man in this kind of show and I have to admit...I like it..yeah^^, though it's one of these standard ecchi shows I don't have to watch necessarily...I think this one will be quite nice^^.

Just now I started the dl for Koukaku no Regios and after I'm finished I can tell u if I share your opinion^^:P

I'm glad u finished Ga-Rei Zero AND u liked it^^, some epic moments imo, and the atmosphere was RLY nice!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I didn watch the first ep, of Sora o Kakeru Shoujo, but I have to say...it didn't leave much of an impact to me... The entire world from this anime is kinda nice...but then I couldn't rly figure out the "story" yet... just some random events...and to be honest it was kinda boring! Furthermore they raped the voice actor from Lelouch (for a shitty mecha which isn't rly a mecha)...A SIN...JUST A SIIINNNNNNN...IMPUDENT FOOOOOOLS, well...till now I won't recommend this show to u, but I can tell u more after the next ep.;)

Besides..at this point of time I RLY look forward to the first ep. of Vipers Creed...yay

Cfos Jan 10, 2009

TAIHEN...shame on me...I forgot CLANNAAAADDDDD...shame one me...*going to sulk*

Well...I'm back and yeah..this ep. was GREAT. I had no idea how they would handle it^^, but the ep. was just awesome! AANNDD...furthermore..this season was supposed to be sad...and I can FEEEEL it ... the sadness will start....I FEEEEEEL ittt>.<...I think that Clannad may even become my #2 if they handle it well (drama AND happy aspects)...who knows....even #1. Anyway I LUV Clanand as well^^

Cfos Jan 10, 2009

Yeah, u're right, MOAR than half of the naruto ep. r just filler...well...it was the 3rd anime I watched and I continued to watch it out of sth like tradition^^.

Yeah...except Kurokami AND Minami Ke Okaeri (:O:O u forgot this epic masterpiece) every anime was disappointing, though the first ep. of the second season from druaga no to is still on my HD...I didn't watch it yet:O:O (well..the first season wasn't THAT great...I just want to know the rest of the story;)^^)...we'll see...but positive thinking can't be too bad^^

Then...today...INDEKUSSSUUUUU...touma fought with his fists...yay...though there wasn't THAT much development...that was the best ep. in a while if u ask me...the feeling was nice^^.

Toradora 14...:O:O...one hell of an ep. Imo there was some RLY nice development in the..."right" direction...though we know that taiga will be the chosen one...still...I hold some hope that Kushieda might get a chance (after this ep.^^)...we'll see...anyway...this ep. opened some more possibilities^^...

Well...atm I can't think bout other new ep...hope I didn't forget any on-going...anyway^^ awaiting your answer;)

Cfos Jan 7, 2009

Then I will ask u by chance bout White Album...but for the time beeing I don't think I'll start it^^.

Today I got a hold of Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, and well...I'm pretty disappointed...there seems to be little story and the ep. was kinda boring. The style isn't rly to my taste...so I think I'll drop it after the next ep. (if there's no change...) we'll see...

The Da Capo OVA...though I RLY looked forward to it...I'm disappointed...I expected a nice alternative ending...and everything I got was an ep. with no development at all (imo) just the fact that Nemu died (well...we all knew that sine the beginning) and that's it...I expected sth completely different...:'(

To Minami Ke Okaeri...I can'r rly complain bout the OP or the ending...I love them as always...yay, I don't think I have to add anything else...just epic:P

Btw...I don't know if u watch Naruto Shippuuden...but I got the information that DB will stop subbing it with ep. 91...well...it doesn't rly bug my cuz I only watched for the traditions sake:P^^, anyway...I thought I should tell u^^


if u want more information:P^^


Cfos Jan 6, 2009

:O:O The first ep. from Minami Ke Okaeri...one epic masterpiece. I RLY missed the Minami Ke style...but imo the did a great job with the first ep...pls be sure to tell me your opinion too.

I just saw that u watched the Da capo series as well...did u see the OVA?? I can't tell u my opinion yet...cuz I don't want to spoil if u didn't see it yet:P^^