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Continuation of favorites:

#6 - Zero no Tsukaima

#7 - Shakugan no Shana

#8 - ef - A Tale of Memories/Melodies

#9 - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

#10 - Seikai no Monshou/Senki

#11 - Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

#12 - Clannad

#13 - Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch

#14 - Seto no Hanayome

#15 - Aria the Origination


Since always: PHYSICS and unification of 4 forces problem :D

Sci-fi of all kinds :)

Fav author and novel: Isaac Asimov - Foundation series

Fav TV series: Stargate

Since 2007-10-27 my love starts: Anime :D

New adventure:

My first Anime was Green Green :D

I am lucky (or should I say cursed...) to have 2 sources of Anime...

Oh well, well.... recently I've get to know more and more about Otaku here in Poland and Anime industry but still in my region I can't see any sings of popularity... ehh

What should I say more... hmm

Oh yes, since october '07 I study technical physics on:

AGH - University of Science and Technology

It's became really busy and I've lots of new stuff to study... Because of this I don't have enough time to watch my favorite Anime :( Well it is good since I've pretty much watched everything my sources have to offer... But still... there are many series on my want to watch list so I'll never give up!

UPDATE my hard drive is full!!! and no time at all to watch... what should I do... life is so unfair...

PS I'm waiting for you... Shana III.... When they finally announce green light for you... Another one to look forward to: Hatsukoi Limited

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Cfos Apr 11, 2009


Just now I finished the 2nd ep. of pandora hearts...and I have to say...HOLYYYY SHIIIITTTT, the feeling of this show is just too good to be true, I can't wait to see the next ep., I think u should give it a try as well...this show is godlike:D

Then I saw Hayate ep. 2, funny like hell:D...when hayate asked hinagiku for help, and she mentioned the suspension bridge incident...I laughed my ass off:D, just epic, but that's hayate for me:D

The last on-going I watched today was Phanom ~ Requiem for the Phanom ~ ep. 2...and I have to say...tough my expectations are not rly high...this show may turn out better than I expected...finally some development is taking place..but the entire story is kinda slow and somehow boring...but maybe that'll change, anyway, from all the on-going ep. I watched today...this was the worst:P^^

Cfos Apr 10, 2009

Oooook, now's my turn cuz I've seen most of the on-goings as well...

First of all..Basquash...u said u don't want to watch this show, but in fact I rly like it. The style is amazing, the fun isn't too bad and the action is awesome, on top of that the plot is very unique and mesmerizing and I think this show may become amazing:D

Then there's Slap up Party...imo not too bad, some nice fun and the action isn't too bad as well, I think this will be one enjoyable show of this season^^

Next is Hajime no Ippo ~ New Challenger (just the day before yesterday I finished the first season and I have to say (though I don't like boxing)...SHIT this anime is awesome:D:D:D, it will defenitely get into my top 10:D:D) and the 2nd season is as awesome as the first one:D:D:D:D, I can rly recommend this show to u

Pandora Hearts, one hell of a show...the plot is a bit complex, just about the right amount imo, and the charaters seem appropriate. On top of that it's very exciting and I don't get this kind of feeling very often, this anime is defenitely one op the better on-goings this season:D

Asura Cryin'...the raw of the 2nd ep. was released some hours ago...after I saw the sub, I can tell u more

Shangri la...bout this show my opinion is different than yours... though the entire talk bout economy etc was boring like hell, there were many nice and interesting aspects bout the first ep of this show, and I think it'll turn out quite enjoyable, but after the 2nd ep I'll have a better view of the entire anime, maybe my opinion will change by then:D

K-On ep. 2...I think this show will stay as it is, funny and enyjoable:D

Next is Natsu no Arashi...I don't expect too much of this show, but the fun-factor isn't too bad and the story seems interesting as well, I'll contine to watch and then I can tell u more:D

Valkyria Chronicles...I have to say, I imagined this show to be a bit different, still, I think it's not too bad, though my hopes were higher^^. It's been a while since I saw a show which took place in this age, so I'll contine to watch this show (weeeell^^ and if I don't continue, a friend of mine which loves the game will give me some hc flame^^)

Tears to Tiara, veeeeery nice, the entire plot got me interested right away, and the first ep,. wasn't disappointing at all, I hope it'll say that way:D

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN, 07 Ghost...in the beginning I was rly hesitant to watch the ep...but HOLY SHIT, this show caught me right away...the fighting style...the drawing style, the music...ZENBUUUU, just mesmerizing, and I rly expect sth biiiig from this show...I hope it will stay this way:D

Last but not least, just now I finished the first ep. Eden of the East...and though this anime isn't rly my taste, it's not as bad as I thought (I just watched cuz I was curious^^) and I think I'll watch this show till the end...but well...it's not too good, and not too bad^^

As for Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom~, Hayate no Gotoku 2 (wellll, this show is epic itself^^)and fma 2 (the same as hayate^^) I still wait for the 2nd ep.^^

THat's it for now...didn't watch anymore on-goings...but that may change:P

THx alot for your recommendation, I'll be sure to check it out as soon as I can:D, and I hope that u'll give Hajime no Ippo a chance^^, epic masterpiece:D

Hear from u:D

Cfos Apr 6, 2009

Ohooooo...yesterday I watched Basquash!...didn't have any hopes...but this show turned out surprisingly good...I have to say...not everything is perfect, but so far it's RLY,RLY enjoyable..maybe u should give it a try:D

Cfos Apr 5, 2009

Taihen^^ I forgot the last season, sry...I thought I already wrote bout them^^

Index...rly disappointed me...so I think 7/10 is more then enough^^

Toradora...WOOOOOOT, u're absolutely right, just amazing, the kiss scene got me a nosebleed and the entire story/ending was fabulous:D 10/10

Asu no Yoichi..the end was to be predicted...still...pretty fun...so 7/10:D

Druaga no To...surprisingly I rly liked it...the story, the end...ist just seemed that there were less filler ep. than in the previous seasons^so 8/10:D

Minami ke, like u said, just epic, though I think all season r amazing, I wouldn't say that season 3 is better than the former seasons^^-->obviously 10/10:D

And soul eater...it rly got me all the way till the end...but the last ep...unfortunately very bad...I would say 8/10 or 9/10^^ can't decide yet^^

Cfos Apr 5, 2009

Yo there,

it's been a while so I thought I should leave u a comment^^

The new season, new on-goings...so my question:D, what on-goings do u plan to watch/are u already watching??

TOday I started Asura Cryin' and I have to say, I'm amazed. So far this show seems rly interesting/promising. The characters are loveable, the story is interesting...I don't have anything against it:D

THen there's K-On...it's labeled to be a fail, but after a friend told me it's quite fun I tried it out, and I think it's actually quite fun...the style reminds me of Kannagi...and I think this show will give me some funny moments:D

Then there's Phantom~Requiem of the Phantom~...I don't rly know what I should think bout it...but it seems promising...though that isn't necessarily true^^...we'll see...

Queens Blade...the epicst fail I've seen so far...and after acid got out of her fucking nipples it got an instant drop from me:D^^

Full Metal Alchemist...(the recap^^)...I think I'll watch it...I already know the original one and I would like to rewatch this show:D^^

After seeing a trailer I'm rly looking forward to Eden of the east and Tears to Tiara^^

Furthermore I would like to check out Pandora Hearts,Slap up Party (the style reminds me of SOul Eater...btw how did u like the Soul Eater ending???^^), 07-Ghost, and Sengoku Basara...quite much...but all the old on-goings ended^^ so I need sth new.

Ah^^ OFC I'm watching the 2nd season of Hayate no Gotoku as well...I rly like it so far (like the original show^^)

Looking forward to your answer:D