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I've been looking for a place just like this. I like watching Anime, but I don't usually have the chance to watch much, and I find myself dropping a series that might be good just because I have no inkling whether or not the few boring parts expand or shrink.

I also need to be able to find new animes that others have liked and I would probably like.

I generally like everything I've seen, but I like comedies and 'quest' animes more than gore and 'noir' animes.

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OneiChan Sep 4, 2007

Nonono! It's not redundant to do recs that others have already done. In fact, it pushes that recommendation higher on the list for people to see, and so it will stand out as a better rec ;) And pretty much, if you can easily think of a reason why someone who liked one anime would like another, then it is probably a good recommendation. It doesn't have to be because they have the same story, or plot. It can be because you get the same kind of feeling when watching them, they have similar animation, have similar characters or music... whatever. Different people are looking for recs for different reasons, so its good to have a variety of reasons for recs, kwim? Anyways, its really not that stiff of a procedure (and I'm not just saying that because I am a rec mod ~_^ hehehe) 

OneiChan Sep 4, 2007

Oohh, Ouran is your fav anime :D I am about half way through the series, and I adore it. I found it on enough peoples top 5 lists that I had to give it a try.

I generally like everything that I watch too, with the exception of a couple anime that I only watched so that I could submit the entries to be added to the database here. I haven't found a genre that I haven't liked yet. I'm going to watch my first shounen-ai series soon (probably Gravitation), but I am sure that I will like that type too ^_^ Aaanyways, welcome to anime-planet! I am sure you will enjoy it here. The recommendation database is soooo helpful. If you feel inclined, please submit some recs of your own!