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This place takes a lot of work, hope you enjoy it.

ps, most of my stats here do not reflect my actual anime consumption/opinion, mostly they are a result of testing.

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CaptainShunsui Aug 24, 2007

Hey mate, sothis told me dat you produce dnb and i was just wonderin wat style of it ya do. any way sick work on the web site and peace out mate.

Kastrophee Aug 23, 2007

Awsome, just awsome anime list header, you made my day a bit better... :)

caitlin Aug 23, 2007

Awesome work as always :)

Harbin Aug 23, 2007

As i always say kace, NICE bONer dude :D  anyway, the real message is, nice job once again on the header (no surprise there) as you always make magic happen.  Hope to see that icon up someday. (waitting....)

Myeerah Aug 12, 2007

Heyas! Sothis said to send ya a msg, I'm a game design student and she mentioned you're an audio guy. If I ever need sound for a project, I'll definitely look ya up. And if you're interested, I'm attempting to create a Game Design Cooperative type group where ppl with various skills can get together and work on projects. I don't really have many other ppl involved atm, but I'm trying. The website is www.homegrowngaming.com. Talk to you later :) Have a nice rest of your weekend.