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This place takes a lot of work, hope you enjoy it.

ps, most of my stats here do not reflect my actual anime consumption/opinion, mostly they are a result of testing.

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wanryavka says...

happy birthday!

May 17, 2010
Kurses says...

Happy Birthday!  I bought you some hookers and blow, but got impatient and used them.  The bill is in the mail.

May 17, 2010
SeiyaManG says...

Thanks man. I started that list after I noticed how many funny titles were floating around. My favorite related thing to date though, is a recommendation made for My Balls. I don't know if it's possible to keep a straight face when reading it, or if it was written with that intention, haha

Feb 28, 2010
cassiesheepgirl says...

Yay! Thanks for getting more themes up, I'm loving having the Ninja Scroll one back! Such pretty colours :D

Sep 19, 2009
chii says...

OMG thank you for bringing back more backgrounds for the site :D i really missed the ninja scroll one and i can't wait to see what you will come out with next :D

and your sig is AMAZING too. so pretty <3 excellent top 5 too :D

Sep 18, 2009