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All about that animu (and games, and movies, and books), tho.

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XxZeroeZxX Jul 23, 2016

Oh my, yeah unfortunately that happens sometimes, but I know u can handle it ;)

That's awesome news! Hooray for u!!! *big hug* :D

Work was definitely chill this week minus some of the technical issues, but everything was cleared up by the end of the week :)

And this weekend my parents r taking care of some of the reno stuff w/ the apt so I finally get to chill a little bit ^_^

What about u? Just getting some errands done I imagine

XxZeroeZxX Jul 21, 2016

Hey JJ ^_^

How r u doing this evening?

Getting into the groove at school? :)

Kitania Jul 20, 2016

You're welcome! I have never seen Battle Royale so I would really know if it shares any similarities.

I am enjoying them both & hope to finish them soo. Shugo Chara! is very cute though I think I prefer Pandora Hearts more. You should definitely give it a try. :)

Vaniltea Jul 20, 2016

Well, I'd say flower flavoured things are pretty cool, so it's not that weird to like them!

Yes, I guess you can give the anime a try to see if it seems like something you might enjoy! Oh, I'm definitely going to read and/or watch Monster at some point! I don't know when, but I'll do it! I think I only ever heard good things about it, so I'm expecting it to be great.

Don't have you expections too high! I don't want you to be disappointed by the rest of the story because I may have hyped it a little too much... Tell me what you think of it once you've read some more, ok? I think the chapters in the beginning are pretty long, but they become regular-sized later on.

No, I'm not watching it. I wasn't really convinced by the synopsis at first, maybe because as you said, that's something that's been overdone these days. But it seems like many people are actually enjoying it, so I might watch it once it's over!

Yeah, I understand how you feel! I get so annoyed when I see trash that has been thrown on the ground... Isn't recycling compulsory where you live? It is here, so that's great! Of course, I suppose some people don't care, but that means school (and I guess workplaces) have recyclign bins.

Hopefully, I'm not making any mistakes in my explanation, but environmental management is basically managing the different uses people can make of the environement. For example, let's imagine a plot of land that's not being used and that's covered in plants and insects. And then some people decide that it would be cool to build a park there. That's when environmental management comes in! Maybe there is no problem, and they can cut all the trees to build their park? Or maybe protecting the wildlife there is super important and everything should be left as it is? Or maybe they can build their park, but they should keep some parts of the plot as they are because there are some rare flowers there? In this type of situation, you have to take into account everyone's desires and evaluate what compromises you can make.

Sireneth Jul 20, 2016

Oh yes it is one awesome game hah :P At one second you can be so close to the win and in next move you can loose whole game :) Its really fun but actually i have no idea if it popular in EU, only in Poland hah. 

Haha i survived somehow with my F's without any complaining :P Well mayby there were some complains but in other way hah...But even then i was able to have best grade at eng :P And my grades are ofc really precious for me too ! hahah :D

Ah dont worry about it, look at me. Watched 35, barely 50 on WtW list. Guess im the one who "Know Nothing" about an anime hah :D Hmm i dont have any schedule. I just watch when i have time :P And even when i have theres milion other things to do/check before watching anime so im ending with not a single episode watched, at least it was like that for past few days :P Dont you know ? WtW list HAS to be longer than 'watched'. Its just has to, no exceptions ! So, here add some : Mirai Nikki, Tasogare, Kiznaiver , Rainbow :P Oh and btw...I also checked your lists and saw Steins;Gate in dropped ?! How and why ? And more important Why ?! Haha :D