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All about that animu (and games, and movies, and books), tho.

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Vaniltea Aug 31, 2016

It's fine! I was starting to think about leaving you a comment asking how you were doing because of how long it had been, but I understand that you must be pretty busy! I guess a lot of work is to be expected, yeah, but I hope for you it will still be manageable and you're enjoying what you're studying!

I'm so glad to know you're loving Berserk! Since we felt the same way about the beginning of the story, I was hoping you would get into it later on just like I did. Yeah, Griffith is a horrible person... But I actually really love him as a character. He's such an interesting antagonist! I think you might be farther than me in the story now. I haven't been reading manga recently, and I haven't been keeping up of where I had stopped, but I'm pretty sure I haden't reached chapter 300 yet.

Yes, the anime started pretty badly. Skipping all this stuff doesn't make much sense, and I think it was very important for Gut's character development. But it's better now!

Not really... I'm enjoying most of what I'm watching right now, but there isn't really anything that I find particularly amazing.

I actually watched it, and it's one of my favourite anime! The artwork also reminds me of Nagi no Asukara a little. I think it might be the eyes, but I'm not exactly sure.

XMrNiceguyX Aug 31, 2016

Hello DAMC participant!

I would like to tell you that there is about one day left before the fourth anime’thon will start. You have shown interest through either the chat, site or forums and would like to point your attention to the DAMC forumpost giving you the details and the rules of this marathon. This marathon will last for 31 days (from Sep 1st, 2016 until Oct 1st, 2016) with a new show revealed every day on the DAMC schedule. This site has a nifty countdown timer which will tell you exactly when the next show will be up. The time of reveal will be 12.00 GMT every day.

Out of these rules, there are some important rules we like to emphasize in this message. The first and main rule is that you have to keep up (no more than 7 days lagging behind) in order to qualify for making suggestions for the future and for you to achieve success in this anime challenge. Secondly is that you have to somehow communicate your rating in either the AP-Marathon chat, a profile comment to one of the organizers or a post in the aforementioned thread. This needs to be done within the 7 days lagging behind period.

We have 31 shows ready for you with user and organizer suggestions all the way through. Like previous anime marathons, we will organize groupwatches in the IRC chat mentioned above and our discord channel (ask any of the organizers for an invite to our discord channel). These groupwatches are completely optional. Let’s watch some shows you would otherwise never watch!

New changes in Marathon 4

  • Starting from this marathon onward, we will have a fourth organizer to keep things going smoothly. The new addition to the team is Nicknames, who you can contact with any questions, comments, feedback or rating submissions.
  • The googledocs sheet was getting too huge and has basically broken down. As a result, we have optimized and integrated the stats into the site. This is still a work in process, so it might be updated further as we progress through the month.

Hope to have given you the basics this way.

Have fun!

The DAMC team (SpanglishJC / ChalamiuS / Nicknames / XMrNiceguyX)

FullmetalDragon Aug 3, 2016

It's so freaky looking back on the earlier Bleach. Everyone's so... pointy. 

... I have a complete and utter hatred of From the New World. It's one of only two anime I've rated 0.5 stars. I know that I'm definitely in the minority, but I really didn't enjoy it. 

That's good. I'm thinking of signing up myself once I've finished the manga marathon. It's fine even if you don't get it finished. Quite a few people have dropped out this time. 

Yeah! Good job! I'm currently on holiday actually, so definitely enjoying that! I've actually just discovered possibly my new favourite author, so I'm extremely happy about that. I've not been reading as much recently, but I picked up one of her books and read it in 2 days straight. I have another one on the go, and I'm loving it. Her name is V E Schwab. How about you? 

XxZeroeZxX Aug 3, 2016

JJ! :D

So good to see u *hug* ^_^

Don't worry about it, I'm always happy to hear f/ u whenever I can :)

I'm doing ok, work was a bit dull last week but this week it's been fine. Also traffics been light this week which is great. Unfortunately I also haven't been sleeping too well but I guess u can't hav it all lol

Also the renovation project at my apt is running behind schedule again, and my parents r going on vacation at the end of the month. So realistically, I'm not moving in till September, and I'm pretty pissed about it -_-

Otherwise I lov u, and I can't wait to hear how the school's doing :)

Kitania Aug 2, 2016

I can understand that. I have already decided a few that I will buy the physical copies of because I absolutely loved the animes.

I have not seen/read Monster or From the New World. What is it about?