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My sister is 14 years older than me and my brother is 10 years older then me, and both of them are into anime. I grew up always seeing video games or anime on the TV, so I guess you could say it's in my blood.  I think I grew up with the typical anime that all 90s kids had... SM, DB and DBZ, Slayers, Outlaw Star, etc. I think because of this, I have a great fondness for older anime and tend to prefer it by default. I really, really prefer hand-drawn anime. 

While I love watching anime, I'm a reader by nature and have taken to manga more nowadays.  I've been out of the anime/manga scene for awhile and am trying to read and watch those that I just must see before I die.  

My favorite anime ever is Now and Then, Here and There.  Sailor Moon gets an honorable mention, though, because I was so obsessed with it when I was kid.  I really thought I would turn into Sailor Jupiter when I hit 14.  I really did. (No, I'm actually not kidding.  I was actually convinced and I think maybe I suffered from Chunibyou!)

My favorite manga is Fruits Basket.  I feel like that manga basically defined my high school experience. 

As I mentioned before, I've been out of the anime scene for awhile. Feel free to recommend me anything worthwhile! :)

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Currently binging: Neon Genesis Evangelion; Claymore

Currently reading: Attack on Titan, Skip Beat!, Beserk, From the New World

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UsagiDandere says...

Thanks for the follow! Feel free to hit me up if you're ever in the mood to give/receive recommendations and all that jazz, or if you just want a sloooow chatting partner like me, lawls. Until then, I hope you have a nice rest of your day! ^w^

P.S. You only start series that you absolutely need to see? Lol, you must have more self-control; I'm guilty of wanting to watch everything sometimes O///O

P.P.S Hey, I don't wanna overstep or anything, but Loveless, Okane ga Nai, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, and Chaos;HEAd are some that I wouldn't recommend... but you go right ahead if ya want though! It's just my two cents. Anyways, thanks again for the follow, and I like your bio >u<

Jul 25, 2016
XxZeroeZxX says...

That sounds like a heck of a day, why didn't u invite me! :D

Oh, I lov Your Lie in April! <3

It'd be great to watch it w/ u ^_^

Jul 24, 2016
FullmetalDragon says...

It's been absolutely hilarious watching Kubo's art getting gradually better and better. Honestly, the difference is amazing. This is Ichigo then:

And this is Ichigo now:

Only a slight difference...

Oh yeah, Uzumaki was weird... It made me feel a bit sick but not much else. I'm not even sure how half of the things that happened were relevant to the plot.

That'll be good! I think they're holding an anime marathon in September, so it'll probably be sometime after that. Mid-October maybe?

Jul 24, 2016
Sireneth says...

I havent talked with too many ppl here but you are defiently the only one whos not only saying it was boring but dropped it ! My fav anime ! Haha :D Well its fine ofc, every1 got different tastes :D For example me, Shiki was recommended me by so many poeple and every1 was about how great this anime is. And i just couldnt watch it. Barely made it to episode 3 and dropped it and im not watching it ever again...xD Anyway i hope so one day you will change your mind and give it a try again, who knows mayby after this 8 episde you will love it haha :D

Hahahha :D Good luck with that ! Im currently not adding too many on my WtW list cuz im not searching for new anime but if i would id add like 10 anime daily haha :D I hope you wont run out of these short series :D I dont even remember what ive recommended to you haha :D

Btw how was your weekend ? 

Jul 24, 2016
Vaniltea says...

Well, I'll probably watch it at some point! I'm a little curious about it. I guess watching anime is a good way to relax after a hard week of work! Even though most people seem to love it, I'm not a big fan of Your Lie in April. But I liked Ajin a lot, despite the CG animation.

Hopefully, this will change one day! It's so disappointing to see people not feel concerned by stuff like recycling. It's not even difficult to do once everything is in place.

Yes, I think it would be an interesting job. I might actually study for one more year after this one to specialise in this kind of stuff.

Congrats! I hope you'll enjoy studying that!

Jul 24, 2016