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**I did not mathmatically calculate this score.  I don't think that SOUND and ANIMATION should effect the score of what I consider a horrible anime.  I don't care how pretty it looks or how nice it sounds, it's still terrible.

Full Discloser: I have not finished the Chobits anime.  I’m debating whether or not I want to because it has upset me greatly and I am not only offended by it, I am annoyed as well.  You may continue with this review as you wish, but be warned that I posted this review before finishing the anime.

Synopsis: Chobits follows young and innocent Hideki, who has just moved into a dorm room to attend school.   All around him, people are carrying humanoid electronics called ‘Chobits’.  These Chobits can do nearly everything, including access to the net.  Hideki, a poor student, finds that very appealing considering he treats the internet as a demigod.  There’s one problem: he doesn’t have the money to afford a Chobit.

As he’s walking home one night, he comes across a Chobit.  Elated at being able to have access to the internet, he takes home said Chobit; but it turns out she’s defective.  From this point on, chaos ensues as Chi learns to talk and function properly in society.

 Warning: I am not a fan of storylines where a human and a robot end up in a romantic relationship.  This does not feel logical to me and as a very logical person, it doesn’t sit well with me.  I am sure that this inherent dislike has made it’s way and burrowed some bias into my review, but I’ll do my best to be as unbiased as possible.

 The STORY of Chobits started out well – I really thought this was going to be adorable, but I feel very let down.  The budding relationship between Hideki and Chi began to really bore me.  At first, it was pretty adorable to watch Chi get adjusted to modern society when she had no idea how to do anything.  After a while, it became annoying.  Once the filler episode passed, I didn’t find myself really enjoying the anime anymore.  It felt as if almost every episode was meant to strengthened Chi and Hideki’s relationship without focusing on the sub plot.  (I am assuming said sub-plot is Chi and her darker self.  I have no idea what that is really because I dropped it beforehand).

Someone tell me why there was a complete filler episode on episode 10?  Why did I need to be reminded of the 9 previous episodes and be bored to tears?  ESPECIALLY in 26 episode anime.  I could understand this happening in those epic anime like Inuyasha and Bleach – but why here?  I found it to be extremely annoying and completely unnecessary.

I need to mini rant for a second: I also hated that the teacher went with them on their beach trip.  You must be kidding me.  The fact that a teacher would accompany her students on a trip that is not school oriented is ridiculous.  Even a prep school teacher.  Even a professor would be hesitant.  Obvious plot device is obvious.  And they just had to have the beach scene.  Sigh.

And then, Shimbo takes Hideki and says, “Motosuwa, you have to save her!” after Chi jumps off the boat.  Let’s use our brains, shall we?  HIDEKI CANNOT SWIM.  Shimbo can.  Obviously Shimbo or one of the many girls he was with should have gone after her.  This was an obvious plot device to make the protagonist more “heroic”, but let’s face it HIDEKI IS THE OPPOSITE OF A HERO.  GOD.

Also, the fact that the teacher STAYS OVER AT HIDEKI’S HOUSE is ridiculous.  As a teacher myself, I find this degrading and insulting.  Even if I were teaching adults, I would never do something like this.  It’s unprofessional.  Once again, this is an obvious plot device that bordered on revolting.   The fact that she says sexually insinuating things to him made me want to drop this anime like it was the zombie plague.

I understand the beach scene can be justified because Shimbo has a relationship with Shimizu, but that's ridiculous in it's own right.  I'm not one to care about age, but I do value professionalism highly.  You're 34 and your girlfriend is 20?  No problem.  Oh wait, she's your student/client/patient?  UH?

I quite liked the ANIMATION for Chobits; it did have feelings of many other anime in terms of artistic quality, but this is a type of art that I personally enjoy.  I also liked that the background seemed to suit the anime perfectly – it had an almost water color appeal to it.

 For a 2002 anime, I really thought the art was pretty outstanding.   My only gripe is that the female characters all began to look the same.  If you were to shave off their hair, it would be nearly impossible to tell them apart.

 When it came to SOUND, I absolutely adored the OP for Chobits.    I thought it was adorable, and I also felt it was appropriate for the anime itself.  I didn’t really enjoy the ending as much because the sound was a bit annoying – but I also didn’t give it much of a chance.

 I will say that I watched this in the English dub and as a general rule, I dislike dub.  Not because I think that subbed anime is superior, but because I have a horrible attention span and if I’m not reading subtitles, then I space out completely.  That being said, I really enjoyed the dub!  All of the voice actors sounded natural.  Sometimes in anime there is a forced feeling and it sounds ridiculous, but I felt each and every voice actor did a pretty swell job.

The CHARACTERS in Chobits ranged from decently annoying to pretty fantastic.   There are quite a few characters and I really liked Shimbo and Sumomo (the minor characters who served as comic relief constantly).  I will dive into the two main characters:

 Hideki, of course, has to be the clueless protagonist.  I understand this is a formula in anime, but it’s one that is starting to grate on my nerves. I especially hated the entire porn point to his character.  Of course he is going to watch porn – he’s a teenage boy – but do you really need to bring it up every single episode? The porn thing was way overdone and began to be borderline disgusting, especially when he received it from someone’s father.  I don’t care how realistic that may be.  I don’t want to see it and I don’t find it amusing.   I did find Hideki to be whiny and weak and a poor choice for a protagonist.  I don’t find him being a hero of any sort rational.  In a horror movie, he would die first.

Chi was one of the most interesting characters, in my opinion.  Watching her learn how to handle society and then watching her struggle with her other self was fascinating.  I also liked how they tied in her character to the main character of the book she was always reading.  Unfortunately, I didn't get down to the core of her character because I dropped the anime before she could fully develop so I can't fully rate her.

Due to my own bias, as I mentioned before, I had to lower the rating of the story.  I just cannot stand this type of plotline, as I’ve mentioned.  I watched this anime based on a recommendation from a friend.  If you don’t mind – or even like – this sort of plot line, then I’d recommend Chobits.  In fact, many people really seem to like the anime so I am in the minority.

**I do also feel this anime could have easily been condensed into an 11 or 12 episode anime and been much more successful and efficient.   During some of the gratuitous filler episodes, I found myself surfing the interwebs.

I’m unsure whether or not I’ll finish watching this.  I need to breathe for awhile.  If you don't take DNF reviews seriously, that's fine, but this is my serious opinion on why I probably will not finish this anime.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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jypsyjulia says...

Haha, that's fair! I can handle the romance between Hideki and Chi. Yeah, I think it makes no sense, but at least it's not a teacher/student relationship. That's what really got me because it is just NOT okay. Also, Hideki is just so whiny, man! Haha!

Jun 23, 2012
XxZeroeZxX says...

Going back to what you said on my review, I wouldn't be shocked if you liked the remainder of the series better cause you're missing out on a lot of plot development, but at the same time I wouldn't hold my breath. I perfectly understand that people just don't like certain things and I'm the same way. The ending is frankly like the sweetest thing ever and has my favorite anime quote of all time. But you should also know that I'm incredibly biased cause Chobits is my personal favorite series.

Jun 23, 2012
jypsyjulia says...

XxZeroeZxX, you flatter me so :)  I also love that name 'jj'!  Haha!  The more I calm down, the more I think that the show itself wasn't horrible per say, just definitely not my cup of tea -- and I'm really finding it hard to get over the teacher thing.  Sigh.  I think I'll probably pick this up again someday, though, because it started out so darn cute!

Thanks for the comment! :-)

Jun 22, 2012
XxZeroeZxX says...

I was going to say that I expected better from you jj, but I hav to commend you in a way for openly putting it out there that you hated the show cause you hated the concept. Most people in your shoes would just say the show is terrible and leave it at that, which sickens me so. Your reviews are always intelligently written, even if I disagree lol.

Jun 22, 2012