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Oh, hot damn!  Talk about the memories this brings back to me.  I spent my youth obsessing over Sailor Moon.  In fact, I was convinced I was Sailor Jupiter until I was in fifth grade.  True story.  Feel free to question my sanity.

This review may very well end up biased as fuck.  Oh well.

The STORY of Sailor Moon follows average junior high student Usagi Tsukino who discovers that she is a guardian of justice: Sailor Moon.  Usagi is a lazy, clumsy girl who holds no promise of being a protector whatsoever. As the story progresses, however, she is able to find herself as she meets other guardians and fights evil along the way.  

This anime is incredibly episodic.  I mean, over the top.  A good portion is spent fighting various creatures created by the antagonists (multiple, through out the season) and overcoming obstacles.  I happen to enjoy episodic anime in this sort of magical girl realm.  If you don't, then this may not be a good anime for you to watch.  Oh, and you get to watch girls transform into mini skirts and skin tight leotards.  Bonus.

I can admit that the story gets a bit bizarre when it begins introducing new villians throughout the season.  Many times the villians are various copycats of the original Negaverse.  This is pretty common in episodic animes and doesn't bother me.  However, it may make you want to pull your hair out so do be careful.

Also, some of the names in this were so cheesy that I couldn't help but laugh.  Moon Kingdom?  Neo Tokyo?  God, that shit is gold.

The ANIMATION, in my opinion, was beautiful: especially for it's time.  But, you know, there's a pretty decent chance that I'm thinking of some of the manga animation and mixing it up.  (I'm a HUGE fan of the girls in the manga.  I think they're gorgeous).  One thing I liked was that the characters didn't all look the same.  Usagi had the most ridiculous hair I've ever seen and I would give anything for a pair of scissors to cut those stupid bun heads off of her, but it also did make her unique.  It was obvious to me that Neptune was meant to be the most beautiful and Ami the most plain.  It was also obvious that Jupiter was meant to be a bit more masculine - as Haruka was too. All of this added up to an eclectic bunch in both personality and appearance.

The SOUND... this isn't something I can be unbiased about.  I grew up to this sound track.  This sound track was my jam when I was in elementary school.  I simply can't put a proper rating on it.  Whenever I hear it, all I can think of are nostalgic memories of me running around with my little girlfriends and fighting imaginary evil in the name of love and justice.  Sorry folks.

I always enjoyed the CHARACTERS in Sailor Moon.  I felt as if they all had their unique personalities and that added to the storyline.  I especially loved Neptune.  Let's face it: she's basically perfect.  You're going to love her or hate her.  Ami was endearing with her sweet, nonconfrontational personality and extreme intelligence.  Hotaru pulled on your heart strings with her will to be working for justice and having to fight the evil inside her.  Haruka was BADASS and quite possibly one of my favorite characters.  Minako kind of made me want to kill a baby, but I can overlook that for the sake of childhood memories. 

I also enjoyed the original antagonists as well.  It was interesting that Jedite, Zoicite, Malacite and Nephrite (I probably just butchered all of their names -- get over it) were connected to Prince Darien on the Moon Kingdom.  Beryl was also an interesting antagonist.  However, none of them top my love for Allan and Ann.  Haha, what a messed up bunch they were, but so interesting to my ten year old mind.

Lastly, my PERSONAL ENJOYMENT is off the charts for this one.  It was just the shit for me growing up.  I still have Sailor Moon memorabilia littering my house: dolls, posters, shirts -- you name it, I've got it.  Except figurines.  That sucks.  My intense love affair with this anime probably renders this review biased, but that's okay.  It's the anime of animes for me; the anime that got me into anime in the first place.

I would recommend this anime for people who like episodic anime like Hell Girl or Shugo Chara!.  Then again, you never know because I love the shit out of Deadman Wonderland and GANTZ.  Give it ago if you feel like it, and if you don't, there's plenty of other fantastic anime fish in the sea.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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