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Jul 10, 2011

The STORY of Baccano! is an interesting mix of many people's lives being connected by the same ingredient: a potion that makes whoever drinks it immortal.  The plot follows through 1931, 1932 and 1933 in New York on a train called "The Flying Pussyfoot" where the viewer is already prepared for something ominous to happen due to a prediction in the beginning of the series.  What occurs is a fun, and sometimes disturbing, mix of idiocy, violence and humor.

Although the ANIMATION for Baccano! is not my personal style, it was quite good.  Everything that occurs is very fluid - even in the action scenes.  Sometimes it looked too real, especially the more violent scenes.  But that's a good thing because it means it's good animation.  My only problem is that the character designs tended to look alike and I had a hard time remembering certain characters sometimes.

I loved the OP for Baccano! but did anyone else feel the ending song felt completely out of place? For me, this lowers the SOUND quality.  It was so dramatic for an action anime.  I watched this English dubbed and this is one of the few animes where I liked the English dub better than the Japanese.  Everyone's New York accents were so appropriate and, contrary to earlier annoyances, Miria's voice didn't drive me insane.

The CHARACTERS are what Baccano! really rides on and each character is unique to the plot line.  Each character was developed uniquely and were enjoyable to watch.  I found most of them to be nearly flawless.

My PERSONAL ENJOYMENT for this series is shockingly low, regardless of my high rating.  (Remember, I try to be as unbiased as possible).  My enjoyment level was probably more of a 7.  I tried so hard to get into it, because I knew it was good.  I just couldn't.  For me, there was something missing, I just can't pin point what.

OVERALL, I would recommend this anime to nearly anyone. (Especially if you've seen Durarara!! and liked it - same dude).  Most of my friends who have watched it have loved it. I do believe it's a superior mix of action and comedy with a compelling cast of characters.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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