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Devil May Cry

Jul 8, 2011

The STORY of Devil May Cry, while not awful, is concluded poorly.  This brings down it's entire grade as a whole.  The plot begins with a man named Dante who runs a demon-slaying business.  Although the series starts out rather fun and promising, it soon degrades into something that's painful to continue watching.  Why was Dante able to defeat that last demon in hell so easily?  And why was he staked up like Jesus in one scene and then bad ass in the next?  So many questions left unanswered.

The ANIMATION for Devil May Cry is nothing spectacular.  The fight scenes are decently fluid, but they never last long enough to be anything spectacular.  Since this was originally a game, they are cheating a bit when it comes to character design and the two new characters who are introduced are nothing special.

I LOVED the OP for this.  Sometimes I would just play the OP over and over and jam out.  Therefore, the SOUND for this anime already has a good rating with me.  That being said, the voice acting was also fine.  I watched this in English dub, which is always a bad idea for me because I tend to not like it as much, but I actually quite enjoyed Dante's voice.  I even looked the guy up.

The CHARACTERS were bland.  I would think for an anime based off of a video game, the characters would have been a lot more developed and interesting, but this was not the case.  And what was this thing with Lady?  Why was Trish hardly in the anime and their relationship was so incredibly vague?  For me, it just wasn't going to fly.

My PERSONAL ENJOYMENT, regardless of the critique, was pretty average.  Maybe a 7/10.  If the ending had been better, my personal enjoyment and the objective review would have been a lot better, but for such a scary demon, Dante sure beat that sucker fast.

OVERALL, I'd probably recommend this anime to anyone looking for a quick action series and who isn't going to look into details.  As long as you realize that this anime isn't going to deliver on the technical aspects, then this will probably be a fun show to watch.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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jypsyjulia Jun 20, 2012

Ha ha!  I do have to admit there was a lot of fun action sequences :)

Marceus Jul 16, 2011

Good review and a fairly accurate rating. I enjoyed the series a bit more because it looked cool and also because I'm a sucker for simple action series like this. xD