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The STORY of B Gata H Kei follows fifteen year old Yamada who is determined to have 100 'sex buddies'; however there is one problem - she has to lose her virginity first.  The audience follows Yamada's humorous attempts as she picks an Average Joe named Kosuda to be her first encounter.  Although the premise does sound creepy, the overall story is sweet - not to mention hilarious.

The ANIMATION in B Gata H Kei just isn't my style.  It's not bad, per say, but I didn't find it to be very detailed and I thought that the girls' bodies were a little off in the hips, which bothered me.  However, it is easily watchable.

I couldn't stand the OP and never listened to the ending, so the SOUND, for me, lies with the voice acting and I had no problem with it.  I thought that Yamada's seiyuu did a good job with her constant mood changes and her little sex god and Kosuda's penis voice were absolutely hilarious.

The CHARACTERS of this story really make it shine.  The premise is already silly and all of the characters only add to that.  Yamada undergoes the biggest transformation throughout the series, although even her character development isn't all that impressive.  Considering Kanejou is still in love with her brother and Keichi is still in love with Yamada by the end, I have a feeling a second season was wanted by the animators.  That being said, don't watch this anime for character development or a strong plot.  Watch this anime to laugh.

My PERSONAL ENJOYMENT of this series was quite high.  It always had me laughing and I finished it quickly - too quickly for my own liking.  This is a series I could easily go back and re-watch and still find it just as funny as the first time I watched it.

OVERALL, I would recommend this anime to anyone.  Even people who strongly dislike ecchi because there truly isn't much of it.  Truthfully, this anime is meant to be silly and bring giggles - and it will... lots of them.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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jypsyjulia Aug 21, 2011

I know - I get annoyed with the "kiss is the ultimate form of physical affection" in animes.  Because the Japanese culture is VERY sexual - much more so than even the American culture.  Sex in Japan is something people often do on a first date in high school or junior high.  The average age to lose your virginity is 14 or 15 and if you're 19 and a virgin, you're like a leper, haha.

As for the ending - I think that there is meant to be a second season.  Nothing was wrapped up.  I hope they do make that second season. :(

Glad you enjoyed the anime!

Tolle Aug 21, 2011

Update to my previous comment:

'Kay. I watched it and I partly agree with the review.The humor is quite good and the theme could very well fit into any 15-year old boy's mind (I wouldn't know about the girls', but chances are it would be the same for some. ne?).

The only thing I didn't really like was the character development of Yamada. I really wished for a more intimate relationship between the two, since it would make the whole plot more sweet. In the end, it became too much of a "let's just have sex"-anime and it kinda ruined the ending - for me at least.

On the other hand, I'm glad someone actually maned up to make an anime that wasn't shy around the subject. Way too many animes tend to romanticize even a single kiss. Fair enough with the kiss - but it just seems to be the climax of love every single time... at least that's how Japanese love-culture appears. So I'm glad they actually went ahead and made an anime concerning sex instead of the old boring "kiss 'n' get married" thing...

Of course, it doesn't have to be as ecchi as this anime. I'd just love a more relaxed atmosphere around it, like "B Gata H kei" had.

In the end, it's an entertaining anime - worth watching :3

Purplefeeling Aug 21, 2011

well, based on your review, let's give it a shot x)

jypsyjulia Aug 19, 2011

HAHAHA!  Trust me, when you watch it you'll be thinking: What the hell am I watching?  But watch it for sure.  It slays me with it's hilarity! :)

Tolle Aug 18, 2011

LOL! What the hell am I reading?


Think about this: You randomly find an anime that looks entertaining. You read about the plot, discovering the main detail and suddenly "Kosuda's penis voice was absolutely hilarious." OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE!!!! This.. I will definitely watch this.If it wasn't 5.57 in the... morning I guess.. by now... I'd be laughing out loud - currently trying to forcefully mute myself...