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Jigoku Shoujo

Jul 2, 2011

The STORY for Hell Girl, although it held so much promise, was presented so poorly that I found it very difficult to get through this series.  Every episode consisted of the same premise: Someone damns someone else to Hell, Hell Girl tortures them and then takes them there.  I didn't feel good about watching people damn others to Hell and almost decided not to watch this, but I stuck through it - and for nothing, might I add.  Out of the 26 episodes, there's about 5 that actually do with the plot.  The others are all just episodic horrors.  While that could have been interesting for, say, 3-5 episodes; it was not okay for 20.

The ANIMATION, while not terrible, felt like it was constantly being re-used.  There was no originality in the character designs and some characters looked so alike that I would get them confused - I don't like it when that happens because it shows a lack of creativity on the artists' part.  Also, the girls were very cartoon-y, but the men were more realistically drawn.  I didn't like that there were differences in artistic style in the same anime.

The SOUND was nothing special.  While I liked the OP and Ending well enough, the voice acting wasn't anything spectacular.  In fact, most of the time lines were simply re-used over and over again.  This seemed like a cheap cop-out to me.  I felt that by the end of Hell Girl, I could have recited what she says when she drags peoples souls to Hell.

There was no CHARACTER development at all.  While it was interesting to delve into Ai's past and see how she became Hell Girl... that was nearly it for an actual plot line or hope for development.  Hajime and Tsugumi do go through a bit of character development towards the end, which lightened my feeling of wanting to rip all of the hair off my head, but they were the only ones.  With 26 episodes, there should have been so much more.

My PERSONAL ENJOYMENT for this series is probably a 2.  I really thought it had such potential at first, but it let me down so much that I nearly dreaded watching this.  I'm glad I finally got through it though.

OVERALL, I will probably never recommend this series unless the person is chop out of horror animes.  While I didn't think this was scary one bit, maybe some people might think so.

4/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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